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  1. I hate the file naming system that allen-bradley uses for their documentation.does anyone know of a spreadsheet or something else that would allow easier determination of what the file is. I find myself looking at 4-5 files each day seeing what they are. If there is not one, maybe we can start one on here or on WIKI and everyone in the community can help maintain it. I know it would be a great help to me. Moltra
  2. Anyone have any information on the Eagle Signal Controls Micro 190+ PLC, I have one installed at my plant and I do not know anything about it.
  3. Where does it layout the requirement for the testing of e-stops. I have read somplace that they should be tested daily, but I cannot remember where. TIA. Moltra
  4. unkown PLC software

    I used a program called Resource tuner and got the following: (I blanked out the company Name If anyone wants it PM me) Length Of Struc: 033Ch Length Of Value: 0034h Type Of Struc: 0000h Info: VS_VERSION_INFO Signature: FEEF04BDh Struc Version: 1.0 File Version: Product Version: File Flags Mask: 0.63 File Flags: File OS: WINDOWS32 File Type: APP File SubType: UNKNOWN File Date: 00:00:00 00/00/0000 Struc has Child(ren). Size: 736 bytes. Child Type: StringFileInfo Language/Code Page: 1033/1200 CompanyName: * FileDescription: Beckhoff/Windows//H42a/H42a FileVersion: 1, 0, 0, 12 InternalName: BHWin LegalCopyright: Copyright © 2005 LegalTrademarks: OriginalFilename: BHWin.EXE ProductName: Beckhoff/Windows//H42a/H42a ProductVersion: 1, 0, 0, 12 Child Type: VarFileInfo Translation: 1033/1200
  5. unkown PLC software

    They both are specificly ran by the system when it starts. This is straight from the factory. and when they are ran it says PLC starting. the machines are from Germany Here is the bat file that starts the PLC. @echo off rem del c:\logs\logfile.old >>NUL rem ren c:\logs\logfile.txt logfile.old >>NUL sleep 5 start .\bhwin.exe start .\fkvisu.exe rem start .\ComInterface.exe rem start .\fk_debug.exe
  6. unkown PLC software

    any Informationon this would be a great help
  7. Serial Port outlet

    yes that is what I am looking for. Thanks Mark
  8. With the changes in PPE required in NFPA 70E, I am looking for a 9 pin serial adapter, that I can mount in a control panel and connect to various types of PLCs. ie.. Micrologic 1200 connection with a 1761-CBL-PM02 connected to the inside of the outlet and then connecting a straight serial cable to the outside of the outlet. this will allow me to connec to the PLC without having to don all the PPE and open the cabinet door. Anyone ever use anything like this, or will I have to make my own.
  9. moeller plc help required please

    check out this webpage.
  10. unkown PLC software

    I am working on a machine with a NT computer running some kind of PLC software. All the information I have is that when the PLC is started the following programs are started. bhwin.exe fkvisu.exe. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Control Logix Ladder I/O question

    I agree this program was written by an engineering firm, I am just the fool who has to make sure the machine operates properly. If you look at the emulate file I am combining all the OTE into one are so there is only one instance of each OTE. Moltra
  12. Control Logix Ladder I/O question

    As for the duplicate I/O look at: Searching through MainProgram - MainRoutine... Found: Rung 3, OTE, Operand 0: OTE(Drive1:O.ClearFault) Searching through MainProgram - Startup... Searching through fault_handling - fault_handling... Found: Rung 44, OTE, Operand 0: OTE(Drive1:O.ClearFault)
  13. I am making some changes in a control logix PLC program that an engineering programmed for my company. In the program they have used the same I/O points in differnet tasks. I have noticed that some of them are overridding others and not letting the program operate as designed. I am trying to consolidate the I/O points so that there is only one instance of each I/O point in the program. I am trying to figure out if I should have a seperate I/O section or have all the I/O in the main program (routine/task). what has everyone else done when faced with this?
  14. Wonderware GDS Update

    I am trying to update the profibus GSD file on my system. Wonderware is controlling the profibus configuration. I have updated the profibus configuration with the new GSD file and it shows up if I add a new slave. But I need to get the existing slaves 2 ET200S I/O blocks on the new GSD files. I would like to do this without loosing all the configurations and setups of the installed modules. ie variable names and module settings. I hope that you can understand this. Thanks in advance Mark
  15. replacement for AB Panelviews

    PV550 and PV600 plus