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  1. Hi Rodney, Thankyou for replying I was also given the old laptop that was used in the factory that all the stuff came from which had the software installed, a lovely bright red cable to plug into the PLC and I have been able to talk to  it. I've not had time to look this week much, but I think I was looking in the wrong direction, I was just looking for ladder examples to build on. The Mitsubishi Tutorials I looked at didn't seem to help. I couldn't see how to   Where I think should have been concentrating was on STEP LADDER as this is so similar to the Pic programming I was used to, although still open to any input especially with timers to hold coil on for a set time. Main Program. Motor A program Motor C program  
  2. I have an old version of GX developer and the Cable,I was given the whole lot as a bundle, I have been able to make the motors run and reverse, but not progress through any program  
  3. Good Afternoon  im a complete newbie when it comes to PLCs but have done plenty of PIC programming in the past. I've been gifted a couple of FX0s 20mr units to try to repair something I made with PICs years ago. It got damaged during a move and I can’t see well enough now to make PCBs anymore so thought that this might be a solution. The basic operation is  1. switched on 2. motor A moves till hits limit switch (X000) 3. Wait 2 seconds 4. motor reverses till hits second limit switch (X001) then once this has been completed then the following  5. Motor B turns clockwise for 30 seconds then stops  And while Motor B is turning I need Motor C to turn until hitting limit switch (X002) I then need to get it to repeat on the press of a button but I need to reverse operation of Motors B and C I am using double position relays to drive the motors so motor A is on Y000 and Y001 if I power either relay the the motor turns in that direction. Same with Motor B and C Y002 to Y005 is this something that’s possible with one of these controllers or am i going to be programming a PIC to control the PLC ?   All the various COM and powers are connected up, I can individually make every motor do what I want, but the program doesn't flow from one item to the next. but this is probably just me