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  1. PLC to PLC communication

    okay thank you all guys for your support
  2. PLC to PLC communication

    one more question is, when all communication is set up, how do I get the data, i mean if i send a value in my RCPU in D0 to the FX5UC will i get this value in same Device? How is the mapping in this Case? once i did it with a weintek HMI and i Read memory devices Ms from 8193= M0 so i Wonder if its the same when modbus is implemented.
  3. PLC to PLC communication

    I actually have a FX5UC with only  the modbus TCP connection module in the Ethernet configuration without any library or FB and i can write with a modbus  View TCP tool so no problem to this point, but my RCPU will be my Client and is not possible to add a Modbus TCP connection module as in my FX5UC, so  to this CPU I added the Client library MEU+RCPU_ModbusTCP_00B, added and active connection module pointing to the IP and port of my FX5UC and configure the client FB to talk to my Fx5UC is that correct?? My conclusion is then, that the MODBUS TCP connection module works only as a server am i Right?
  4. PLC to PLC communication

    yes i understand that, but there is another system where modbus tcp is implemented, and there must be communicating each other 
  5. PLC to PLC communication

    Yes sorry, I mean FX5CPU, im New with Mitsubishi software etc, but i know that the simple communication is the easiest, but my boss told me that with modbus is easier and  i actually dindt catch the whole idea maybe someone can explain it better here. thank you in advance 
  6. PLC to PLC communication

    Hello everyone Does anybody knows how to estblish a communication between 2 Mitsubishi CPUS with modbus? THey are RCPU and FXCPU  
  7. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    thank you good sr
  8. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    Excuse me, How can i change the project to a write mode? is not possible to start the simulation for some test that i wanna do Kind regards.
  9. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    Thank you very much Have a nice Day Sr
  10. Hello There I need to set up communication PLC to PLC ( R08CPU to Fx5CPU) but i dont have the modbus library for  the R08  Does anyone have the library? or where can i get it? thank you.
  11. FX5UJ issue Label Area capacity

    unfortunately i do not have an SD card but I exported my program to a new project with the same CPU and now there is no error. Thank you for being of help.
  12. FX5UJ issue Label Area capacity

    I checked the Manual and indeed, i cannot change the content only check, but then what? that means i wont be able to create FB's?
  13. FX5UJ issue Label Area capacity

    Hello everyone Im Programming a FXUJ with Gx works 3 V 1.063R, and it seems i ran out of Label area capacity for using a FB in addition Labels and i get a error where indicates i should choose label  eassignment at rebuilding all but is greyed out  so i cant select that option then when i head to Device/label Area memory setting m not able to change any setting. Does anybody knows how to Fix this or the reason of it? Thank you Once again.
  14. FX5UJ

    Good day, Thank you for your Feedback
  15. FX5UJ

    Hello There Im programming a FX5UJ but when i want to simulate, this option is not enabled , the version Ive got of Gx works 3 is 1.063R. Is there a way to enable this option? or is not available  for being new version? Thank you in advance