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  1. RS LOGIX 5000

    thanks for the information everyone. On Saturday I started to go through some of the old offices and I found the old laptop that was originally used for the plant. Fired it up and it had an old copy of the program. It's using studio 5000 version 30. Hooked up and was able to upload from the processor so now i have a good copy of the current program. I also found on that old laptop the programmer had a word document that listed all the per-missives for each conveyor/motor/pump to be ran in auto. There has since been some things added so I'm going through the program now to update the word document so the operators will have that to work off of. I'm trying to install the studio 5000 version 30 on my laptop from my other work because we ended up having that software already but having a few issues. Going to work on that today. Thanks again for the help that everyone offered!
  2. RS LOGIX 5000

    Sorry for the stupid question guys. Did another 5 min of research and found the answer. Looks like around V20 it switches from RSLogix 5000 to studio 5000. I'll update what I find on the plc tonight. 
  3. RS LOGIX 5000

    Thank you all so much for the help. I'm going to head up to that other job this afternoon and fix a few things with some VFD's that they have problems with. While I'm there I'll just use RSLINX to see if I can at least see the CPU and then and then I"ll go into properties and see what I can find there. My friend is the maintenance manager at this other plant but he doesn't really have an electrician (he's a mechanic) so I'm helping him out fixing some things and going to help train the JR electrician once he starts. They are willing to spend some money ( I already told him he was looking at  I just checked the copy of RSLogix 5000 I have on my work computer from my main job and when it boots up it says ver. 10, 11, 12 and 13 so I will definitely not be able to use the laptop from my main job since this PLC seems to be a lot newer. I'll look at the properties tonight and then post what I find when I get home. I'm sure this is obvious but I had a question about studio 5000 also. I've never used that before. I looked it up online and it appears like it's like RSLogix 5000 but it encompasses the plc, hmi's and the drives that are on the network, correct? Sorry for all the questions guys just trying to learn as much as I can. I'll update with what I find tonight. Once again, thanks for all of the help!  
  4. RS LOGIX 5000

    Thank you both for the help. I'm going to be onsite there on Friday afternoon and plan on trying to get online then. I wont' have any of the tags or comments since I don't have the original program, correct? This is a first for me since where I've worked here the last 14 years I've always had the source code for the plc and haven't had to worry about this. Tim, I went through the link you sent me above and also found some of the lessons you have posted there. I plan on going through a lot of those also for training purposes. I want to try and get my skill set higher on the PLC/HMI/Scada side of things. I do some of that now but mostly troubleshooting more circuits and upgrading VFD's. Thanks everyone for the help.
  5. RS LOGIX 5000

    Tim, thanks for the info. if i remember correctly one of those boards had one ip address and the other one had a different ipaddress. How can i tell which one would be for the CPU? By setting up the driver in rslinx and once it finds it i'll know if its the CPU by the description?? Thanks for the quick response and the info!
  6. Good morning everyone, i'm new to the forum but had a question regarding RS Logix 5000. At my full time job we have a lot of different brand PLC's. Also, a lot of different models of those brands.  I've used RSlogix 5, 500 and 5000 before. Mostly just for trouble shooting why I'm not getting an output. We only have one 5000 PLC at my full time job and I knew the IP address of that plc. So, to get online I was able to set up my ethernet driver and I get online through wireless. Because of the covid 19 my full time job has cut hours so I've been helping a friend at another plant to make ends meet. They have a main PLC (Logix5575) and then there are remote racks all over the plant. Everything is on the net work. This is a lot different than what I've learned on so I had a few questions. They don't have a copy of the program saved anywhere so I'm not sure of the IP address of the 5575. I've included two pictures. To the right of the rack there is a ethernet switch I can plug into but I don't know how to set up the driver without knowing the correct IP address of the PLC. Is there a way to get online with the PLC through the switch without knowing the IP address? Also, how do I know which series of RSlogix 5000 to use? All I currently have is enterprise series but the company that I'm working on the side for is willing to buy what every is needed so we trouble shoot some of the issues they have. Thanks for any help that is offered.    jeremy