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  1. Datamap Tests

    It is GE PLC. The excel route is what I was hoping for, but I'm new to using GE plcs and can't seem to find any information on how to setup excel to force the registers.
  2. Datamap Tests

    Hi All, Bit of a noob here. I started a new project where the client is upgrading their SCADA system, and as such every discrete needs to be toggled, and every analog range needs to be tested. I've created an excel database with every register, however, changing the value in the tag is too manual for me and I'm trying to find a way to increase the automation. I am looking for a solution where I can write directly with the tags instead of fumbling through the horror which is Proficy. I've seen some mentions of using the trial version of Ignition but I am struggling to get that to a useable state.    Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  3. RsLogix 5000 Comment Editing While Online

    I ended up making an excel macro to do it for me - worked on my test plc.   Sub testing() Dim rng As Range For Each rng In Selection rng.Select Selection.Copy AppActivate "Logix Designer", True SendKeys "{F2}", True SendKeys "^V", True SendKeys "{ENTER}", True SendKeys "{ENTER}", True SendKeys "{ENTER}", True Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:2")) AppActivate Title:=ThisWorkbook.Application.Caption Next End Sub   Need to have your controller tags open with the description column selected at the tag you wish to start at, highlight the comments you wish to paste in, and enjoy your coffee!   Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get it to quit on a keypress (incase you start pasting where you don't want to!)  
  4. RsLogix 5000 Comment Editing While Online

    Using a variety of controllers/revisions, typically L85E V30 - the test PLC I've been trying to get it to work on is an L75 v30 on studio 5000.
  5. RsLogix 5000 Comment Editing While Online

    The "Download Project Documentation and Extended Properties" and "Download Custom Properties" boxes are already checked.    Seeming more and more likely I'm going to have to make a macro to "manually" enter the descriptions...
  6. RsLogix 5000 Comment Editing While Online

    Didn't work unfortunately.
  7. Hey guys, hoping someone has a solution to this. I've got a live PLC that can't be taken offline for a download. I have a bunch of new SCADA points in the format of PLC_SCADA[0].0 - [999].15, and I need to add comments to them. I created the new logic in an offline copy, but when I paste the rungs over the comments don't follow.  I've tried using the import .csv in the Tools dropdown, but it can't be done while online with the controller. If I try in an offline copy, it requires a download. I've tried exporting/import rungs as .L5K/L5X, but because the tags are Produced/Consumed, the comments don't update.   For smaller projects I've gotten away with copy pasting, but when the larger ones come around that have 300+ new scada points, it becomes very time consuming.   Any ideas of things to try? I've tried searching to see if I can use a structured text routine to populate the comments for me but I can't find any documentation showing how to write comments to tags.  I was going to try DDE with Excel but it appears that is only useful to write/read tag data?