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  1. Panelmate 1550 part numbers

    Gents! I need to replace a Cutler-Hammer Panelmate model 1550 Part number 92-01667-00.  I found a few identical-looking units on Ebay.  They do not have the identical part numbers.  Examples 92-01797-08 92-01262-01 92-01262-07 92-10755-06 Will any of these units replace the one I have?  They all say they are Panelmates, and one has 1550THX.  They all look right. What is the significance of the different part numbers?  Date-codes?
  2. 1747-SN relates programming question

    Perhaps I need to backtrack a bit.  The touchscreen I am working with (One of three in the system) only directly communicates to the PLC called "QMS."  The QMS PLC, in turn, uses DH+ to read 10 words of data from each of two other PLCs (N25:0 to N25:9).  Those remote PLCs also read 10 words of data from the QMS PLC (N25:10 to N25:19).  The programs in the two remote PLCs are %99.9 identical. Since the touchscreen only directly interfaces to it's designated PLC, why does it need the tag format I included earlier?  I do notice that the data requested in the display tag is within the rang of the memory of the QMS PLC.  Other tags using internal PLC memory do not use the "S:15" prefix.  My guess is that the touchscreen is querying the remote PLCs for information outside the range of the Peer-to-Peer link already in place. What does the 19 in "2819 mean?  If it is the address or node number of one of the remote PLCs, where do I find that value?  I've looked through every configuration screen I can find in RsLogix and can't identify a "19" or "20" any node number entry. Is my guess that the touchscreen is requesting data outside the Peer-to-Peer link valid? I just saw your second reply.  Also posting to PLCTalk is a good idea.  Thank you.
  3. Gents!  I do not have the time to scan thousands of prior transactions related to the scanner module.  My question actually has to do with programming related TO the scanner but NOT ABOUT the scanner. I have a Panelmate Power Series 5000 touchscreen I am translating to another brand of touchscreen.  The touchscreen connects to a remote 5/04 via the scanner's network.  Some of the indicators in the touchscreen use data from the remote PLC.  My question is: what does the following lamp tag mean? S:15 = 2819 * QMS, N7:12/0 + S:15 = 2820 * QMS, N7:20/0 I LOOKS like I need to fetch the remote bits N7:12/0 and N7:20/0, then AND them together to yield an ON or OFF state. Here is one related to a numerical display: S:15 - 2819 * QMS, N7:17 + S:15 = 2820 * QMS, N7:25 THIS one looks like I need to add two values together. "QMS" is the name of the remote 5/04 PLC.  I know that S:15 is an address-relates value in the 5/04 CPU What are the answers? (While awaiting your wisdom, I will assume that my guess is correct and move forward.)
  4. Mystery Touch screen!

  5. Mystery Touch screen!

    Gents! I have come across a touch screen I have never heard of, and I cannot seem to even find the company that made it! It is an "Automata" SPOT200 TFT color touch screen. Model 715TFT0200. It has three serial ports and a parallel port. What software will "suck out" the screens and tags so I can port them to another brand? HELP!
  6. Hi All. I don't know if this forum is the place to post this request. I have a client in Plymouth Mass. that needs someone withing a couple of hour's drive that is willing to be a technical resource for Allen-Bradley PLCs. They have Micrologix 1000s and 1500s along with some other models. They are using DH485 networks with 1761-NET-AIC modules. The likely candidate should have experience with RsLogix 500 and have the requisite cables and experience. You would be available when they have a problem and need technical support on short notice. There is more technical work in all areas of automation available from this client. Respond to this message with an email address and/or phone number and I will interview you. G.L Erickson President EA Design Inc
  7. PanelView roPanelView Plus to GE PLC

    I posted an app note from RA below. Iwill explain things better than I could. Thank you all for the responses pplus_drivers.pdf
  8. Hi All. I have an client that wants a PanelView or PanleView Plus to interface with a GE 90-30 series PLC via ethernet or serial. My best information to-date is using a KepWare driver. Is there a driver IN the PanelView or PanelView Plus for the GE 90-30 series? Thanks
  9. Hi All. I have been searching for a temperature-input module for the 90-30 series PLC. I find it hard to believe that I cannot find a catalog listing ANYWHERE that lists a temeperature-input module. Am I blind? Secondly: I have Versapro Professional Edition 2.00. Is there an upgrade path? Thanks all! Glenn
  10. General Inquiry: What is available?

    Thanks Crossbow. I was perhaps overly-negative in my assessment of your words. Expanding my expertise IS a requirement for being an integrator. If my client DOES demand I make the change to the Mitsu PLC line, perhaps I can enlist you assistance if I come across any "potholes" Regards, Glennlee
  11. General Inquiry: What is available?

    Your words were a bit harsh, but true. I do include the cost of the software in my quotes. My main hesitation with adding ANY new brand of PLC is the time it takes to gain mastery of the product-line so that I can propose projects with confidence. Many an hour I have spent troubleshooting a project because I was unaware of some feature of the PLC or its' modules. Every brand I have ever worked with had its "quirks and hard-won mastery. In my line of work, I must design the best solution for the client, and that means working with what I know best. I usually only work with a new PLC brand if the client insists. In that case, I take the time to consult with progeammers and designers with a more intimate knowledge of the product-line. Even then, I alawys find a "gotcha" somewhere . I fear that if I try to master too many platforms, I will be spread myself too thin and deliver marginal projects. Fortunately, I have had enough exposure to a variety of platforms now, that I can usually translate code from my libraries to the new platform. Thank you for the stiff words. They were a refreshing breeze. Glennlee
  12. General Inquiry: What is available?

    Thanks Carples. The price for the software and cables was a bit more than I had thought , but seems to be inline with what I am seeing as a general trend in the automation industry. (I have DEFINATELY got to raise my fees. ...) My Omron and Allen-Bradly software are reaching such stratospheric prices too.Only my Automation-Direct software is still reasonable. After hearing this, I'm going to steer the client away from Mitsu's, or find a way to get them to buy the software for me or include it in the fees. Regards, Glennlee
  13. General Inquiry: What is available?

    Thank you. Do you have an idea what the GX software costs? Regards, Glennlee
  14. General Inquiry: What is available?

    Thanks Panic Mode. I too had finally found the appropriate website and spent an enlightening hour browsing. I am not enthusiastic about learning yet another PLC but.... Thanks again. Your response solidified my thinking too. Regards, Glennlee