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  1. NS5 HMI Connection Problem

    Hi! I am trying to connect OMRON PLC CP1L with NS5 HMI. PLC: HMI: HMI shows all time this msg: Any idea?   Thanks =)
  2. NS5 HMI Connection Problem

    I have read that error table. But I am little lost... How can i set the destination address on the routing table? I am in that point now. HMI NS5 config: IP: Network address: 1 (I cant put 0) Node Address: 11   PLC CP1L config: IP: Network address: 0 Node Address: 10   On HMI I can't set Network address as 0, min value is 1. I am having problems changing the network address from 1 to 0 on PLC because If I change it cant connect to PLC