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  1. ABB plc target

    Hello everyone from where can i get the CS31 ABB plc target for codesys V2.3 ?  
  2. GE Fanuc problem

    Thank you Steve we will do that.
  3. GE Fanuc problem

    sorry for giving you  a lack information because of I am not good in English very well . so the showing on the screen is example for creating ( password steps did it in my lab inside Workshop . Note : Not on the Equipment )  But in certainly ( Reality ) the Equipment problem I can't reach the password level 4 .  Note : the program is not allow you to reach level 4 Because when I enter password DE94 gives wrong password ( Not allow ) . Here are the 2 Questions :  1- I Re installed the PLC program . Does It cause any problem to use password ? Note : Before installing the PLC program , We kept the folder LM90 then I re installed the program then Back the Original the folder LM90 to old Its position . 2- If someone guesses the password . Does the program get confusing later ? Note : When we check the program table fault , Found many / lots Times someone tried to access / Entered password .  is there another solution to re set the password without removing battery backup Or Replacing power supply ?  due to the Equipment always is operation and we don't need to lose the register / Data .   thanks.   
  4. GE Fanuc problem

    sorry i don't know about OEM protection, but i am sure set password for Level 4 with out : created steps F2 config F3 status F2 password use up 4 then typing password and conform Y   please check attached pictures  step for creating password we do it  inside my lab in fact the machine are container terminal equipment we have 5 equipment ,corrected that to avoid confusion we using PLC system GE series 9030 and my job responsible for software .    
  5. GE Fanuc problem

    Hi Steve, I remember the password :DE94 level 4 and i am using it but currently the program refuse it LM90 DOS   
  6. GE Fanuc problem

    I have similar this case i put password for our machine on December 2017 now we need modify /add in program but difficulty to enter it's  password any one can help me ?