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  1. Gas Filling....

    Sleepy: you have any idea what sort of Equipement and what scada ? Thanks
  2. Gas Filling....

    TW, Can you provide me the Web address of Thermoco? Thanks
  3. How to Check This Date fall within which Week

    Thanks for the Tips. TW: The Wombat code format is CXF, I'm using CX one, I could not Import or Open it. What Should I Do?
  4. Hi guys: Does anyone program this Before? Read the Calender (AR352 to AR356, I'm using CJ) then determined which week the date belong to? Example Jan 3 is in Week 1 and 5 Feb in Week 6 and it automatically adjust when the year changes. Please help Thanks

    Thanks: JS You help me to solve the configuration headache.

    Jstolaruk: Is 1769 ASCII module act like the 1746-BAS ? How to program this ASCII Module ?? If it need AB Basic, then It is out of the scope (DOS or HYPERTERMINAL !) I read through some manual on 1769 ASCII, there is no mentioning about programming on ML1500. If you have info pls let me know. Thanks Simon
  7. MicroLogix Fast Counter

    If I'm not wrong: PTO normally used on Stepper motor where you can output certain nos of pulses as such the stepper motor will move at the amount of pulse entered. The Pulse will generated will be send out throught O no 2 or 3 depending on the CPU. (Must be BXB) here is the excerpt from the manual: "Within the PTO function file, there are PTO element(s). An element can be set to control either output 2 (O0:0/2 on 1762-L24BXB, 1762-L40BXB and 1764-28BXB) or output 3 (O0:0/3 on 1764-28BXB only)." The neccessary setting on the Function files are: OF(Output Frequency):max 20000hz Top(Total Output Pulse to be generated) ADP(ACC/DEC Pulse) I use PTO to measured the accuracy of the Fast Counter. Which I'm not really sure whether this method is OK or otherwise. As I do not have any means or Pulse Generator to verify the Fast Counter capability and accuracy. Thx

    Objective: I would like to perform on line monitoring without removing any external devices connected to PLC. 1) A Computer connected by Ethernet to a Server (which the HMI is connected also). 2) AB PLC (SLC5/03 with DH485 and RS232 or M1500 LSP with 2 RS232). 3) Weighing Scale with RS232 Only (No Device Net or RS485). 4) HMI (Not AB). If using M1500: HMI Connected to Channel 0. Weigh Scale to Channel 1. Which network device should I add in order for me to perform downloading and monitoring the plc program? (Note: PLC has to perform ascii read from Weigh Scale) If using SLC5/03: DH485/RS232 converter for Scale? RS232 for HMI (or Vice Versa) Another DH485/RS232 for Downloading and monitoring?? Pleas help me to configured.
  9. MicroLogix Fast Counter

    TW: I tried something here: 1) Connected Output 2 to 4 input from 0 to 3. 2) Using EII (Function File) 3) Enable PTO, injected 17000 pulses into Input 0 to 3. Observation: Input Filter at 75 usec. 4 input maximum Hz set at PTO is about 4000hz before CPU giving watch dog scan time error 2 input, 5900 at PTO 1 input, about 10khz. Am I right to test this way??
  10. MicroLogix Fast Counter

    TW: The Flowmeter that I used were single direction type. The Fast counter is only one portion of the programs. It was interesting for me to know the effect of interrupts. The whole application including Batching which I had to used One of the RS232 port for reading. The whole program has to run concurrently. There is A PC that will send the recipe and the PLC will performed all the task. As the Fast counters are at the tail end of the system where the filling process take place yet the batching can still run concurrently. So the Interrupt effect is really interesting. Can I ask something that outside this topic? I need to know whether I can make this connection: A PC with ethernet link to a HMI (Not AB), HMI act as a server. Connected device to AB PLC: Weighing Scale and HMI. I need to monitor the PLC at anytime I like without removing any connection from the above (Scale or HMI). If I Used SLC5/03 (1 DF1 and 1 DH485). How can I approach this? If I used M1500 LSP (with 2 DF1). How can I approach this? Thanks
  11. MicroLogix Fast Counter

    TW: The Input Filter had various value including one default. There is no Zero. So should I enable the "Input Latch"? The cTU and CTD acc value were not match with count using ADD ! ADD value had higher count ! hope you can share your experience with us. Thks
  12. MicroLogix Fast Counter

    Thanks TW: Input 0 to 4 have 20khz capabilities. But How can I perform the counting ? The Ladder Logic using "CTU or CTD " or by using "ADD"?? Should I make some adjustment at the Input Filter ? Thanks
  13. HELP!

    Thks Paul. I got it.
  14. MicroLogix Fast Counter

    Hi guys: Thanks for the replies ! Yes, with Add On Module (1769-HSC), the AB Technical Data book (Bulletin 1764) stated the module had 4 Single-Input Counters or 2 Quadrature (ABZ) differential Inputs. I’m using it for flow Measurement and control. I need a total of 4 up/down counter. If the M1500 can not support, should I choose SLC5 ?? I’m interested to know the “Normal” Ladder Logic way if the HSC file could not support 4 counters. So If I decided to switch to SLC5, how should I approach or access the Fast Counter module ? Which Function or Command should I used?? Thks agains
  15. MicroLogix Fast Counter

    High Guys: How to access fast counter WITHOUT using the Function Files? MicroLogix 1500 can be expanded to 4 Fast Counter But the Function Files had 2 HSC? Any sample codes?? Thanks Simon