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  1. Kinetix 350 - End of life

    Perfect. Thank you !
  2. Hi, I have a broken Kinetix 350 and I need to replace it. The 350 is at end of life and I thought I could replace it with a replacement model. says that  2198-C4020-ERS is the replacement for the one I have.  What do I need to do to be able to replace it with this one? I guess I have to change the drive in Studio 5000?  
  3. L18ERM 16#0203

    In ControlFlash plus it says "Revision downloaded is not compatible with this device's hardware series. Choose a revision that is compatible" And in ControlFlash, the firmware does not appear.   Not really sure if I am downloading the firmware correct. I get a zipped file with a .msi file inside. I tried to run the .msi file and it says installation complete, but the firmware is still not in the list in controlflash.
  4. L18ERM 16#0203

    Ok, so I can flash it to version 20. I think I might just be doing something wrong when I am trying to download and flash the version.
  5. L18ERM 16#0203

    Yes that is also what I thought. Studio 5000 lets me create a project in version 21 for the L18ERM.
  6. L18ERM 16#0203

    I ended up replacing the controller. I tried everything you guys said in here, but I cannot get it to work. I have a different question regarding the same controller type. On the rockwell webpage it says that the 1769-L18ERM-B1BB series B is compatible with revision 21.011, but when I try to flash it to that revision it says that it is not. Does it need to be a series A to be able to run revision 21.011?
  7. L18ERM 16#0203

    Its a running application. The Controller has been turned off for a couple of weeks and this happend when it was turned back on again today. Series B.
  8. L18ERM 16#0203

      I use Studio 5000. This is the fault message I get. And the I/O lights is flashing green.    
  9. Hi I have a CompactLogix L18ERM which has a fault message. It says (Code 16#0203) Connection timed out. I have tried to download a new blank project to see if there where any faults in the current one, but its still the same. Any suggestions?  
  10. Hi, I get this error message when I try to open a new or existing project in FactoryTalk View Studio 10 Not sure what to do. 
  11. Hi, I get an error message when I try to open factory talk. I have tried to delete and reinstall, but that did not help. Any suggestions?   Robin
  12. PanelView 600 - lost application

    I Yes the machine was operational when it was shut down.  And the solution is as you say just download the application again. I just really cant understand why the application just disappears. Maybe the flash memory is faulty in some way?
  13. Hi, We have a PanelView 600 from 1999. It is still working but after turning it on today for the first time in two years, the application has been lost. I get an error code "1110 - No valid application". How is it possible for the application to disappear from the HMI?  
  14. Transfer parameters powerflex 525

    Thank you. I just followed the steps and it worked well. I had to use a VM with windows 7 like you said. Does this procedure transfer all of the parameters or do I need to manually put in some of them?
  15. Hi, How can I transfer parameters from one powerflex 525 to another? They are not connected to a plc via ethernet.