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  1. PanelView Windows screen

    Yes that is absolutely true. The signal range of the router is not the best so you cannot be out of sight with this one.  Thanks for the heads up.  
  2. PanelView Windows screen

    I tried to upload more pictures, but I am not able to unfortunately. 
  3. PanelView Windows screen

    Thank you very much for your response ElectornGuru.  I figured out how to use VNC via phone to control a PanelView. I bought this router from amazon: Then I had to change the IP of the router so its in the same range as the HMI.  I then went in to the Windows screen on the HMI and turned on the VNC server. (Windows button - Settings - Control panel - Services.) Press the VNC button to make it turn green.  And now I downloaded a VNC app on my phone and typed in the IP of the screen and connected. It makes me have full control over the HMI on my phone. Pretty useful feature in some cases. 
  4. PanelView Windows screen

    Looks like the only way for me now is to reset the PanelView back to its factory settings, but thats not a huge job so its ok. I have another question. I would like to be able to view and control the HMI from my phone. (Thats why I need to get to the windows screen to set up the VNC server) What do I need to be able to connect to the HMI via WIFI? Would I need some kind of access point/router that transmits a WIFI signal I can connect to?   Robin
  5. PanelView Windows screen

    Yes I can access the config display. I will try that password when I get back to work. Hopefully it works. Thank you for answering!
  6. PanelView Windows screen

    Hi, Is there a way to access the windows screen on a PanelView if you dont know the password you need to enter? If no, is there a way to recover or reset the password?
  7. PowerFlex fault history

    Thank you very much guys! I will look into it.  
  8. PowerFlex fault history

    Hi, I am having trouble with an electric motor that keeps stopping randomly. It does not happen often but maybe once everyday.  I get no fault message on the HMI. I am not sure if I get an error on the frequency converter because the operators does a quick reset to get it working again to avoid production stop. Is there a way to view a fault history on the PowerFlex 525? Or can I connect my computer somehow and start a data logging so I can read out what happens when it stops?   Thanks in advance.
  9. Factorytalk password

    Have you done this with the built in security function in the HMI?
  10. Factorytalk password

    Thank you for your reply.  I will experiment some and see if I can figure out how to do it.  Unfortunately I dont have access to the source code for the Siemens HMI. 
  11. Factorytalk password

    Thank you to both of you for answering.  Joe, yes I would like the first option. And I dont want the password to be "something + the date". That would make it too easy. I would like the password to be 4 random digits every day.   Do you think you could guide me in the right direction? 
  12. Factorytalk password

    Hi, We have some HMI screens where some pages are password protected to prevent everyone from accessing. The problem is that "everyone" knows these passwords now. I can ofcourse change the password but it will just take a couple of weeks and everyone will know these passwords...   Is there a way to make the password change daily and have the correct password appear in an Excel document? We have this on a Siemens HMI and I like it, but is it possible on a Panelview HMI?  Robin
  13. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    Thank you for explaining. In that case, I am using the embedded Ethernet adapter. 
  14. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    Sorry but I do not know what a embedded ethernet adapter or a comm adapter is.  So if I have understood you guys correctly, I cannot use a Stratix 2500 to assign an IP to a PowerFlex 525?
  15. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    Hi, I am trying to auto assign an IP to a PowerFlex 525 with a Stratix 2500 switch. I have been able to assign IP to other components such as another computer for example, but not the powerflex. Is there a parameter I need to activate to be able to do this? I have tried to set C 128 to 1 and 2 but no difference.    Is this possible to do with every 525 or do I need a special device to be able to do this?