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  1. Billy Basic Question - Push Button Control!

    Thanks Tim. I had made a mistake.  That's a great YouTube channel, too. Thanks again. 
  2. Billy Basic Question - Push Button Control!

    Hi Tim  Many thanks for this. It works for me. However, it doesn't always turn on and off, sometimes you have to press the push button more than once? Is there a way to make it turn on and off with a single push?
  3. Hi All  Still very new to this - I'm a Theatre Technician by trade!  I have an illuminated push button that I want to use to turn a relay on and off. The first push turns the relay on, the second push turns it off and then repeat indefinitely. I've done lots of research online, but I just can't get my ladder to work. I've been trying to get it to work using a CTU, but no joy. Could I have some help please with the simplest way of doing this? Ladder examples would be greatly appreciated, as I say, I'm very new and trying to learn this around my day job!  I am using an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200 1762-L40BWA, RS Non-latching relay and a N/C Push Button. All programmed in RS Logix 500.  EDIT -  Just for clarity - I want to have just 1 input - the Push Button and 1 output - the relay.  Many thanks and best wishes,  Will  Edit -  This is what I did with the CTU. I used a N/O Count Up contact to latch the relay on and a N/O Done contact to un-latch the relay with the timer set to a preset of 2. However I couldn't get the RES contact to work within the programme to restart the timer once the counter had completed!
  4. SPST Illuminated Momentary Push Button

    Hi All  Thanks for your responses. Sorry for my very late reply.  We've been hit quite badly by a certain virus here.... I've ordered a part and i'm going to see if I can do some mods to make it work.  Thanks again,  Will 
  5. Hi All  I'm very new to PLC Programming. I did some programming years ago in uni, but haven't revisited it since. Due to the current situation I'm working from home, so thought now would be a good time to brush up on my skills! I'm planning on making a control selection panel. The panel will use lots of SPST Illuminated Momentary Push Buttons. However, I want to be able to control the LED's on the push button separate. Do you know of any push buttons that have separate contacts for the LED, that work when voltage is applied, regardless of the contact state?   Thanks,  Will