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  1. How to use a variable for timer?

    Rip that works. I didn't think about setting the Vxxx in data view, I was searching for an instruction to set it. Thanks for the help
  2. I'm new to the AD world and am stumped trying to set and use a variable for a timer. Basically want to timer to read TMR T0 Vxxx. Where I'm lost is how do I set the Vxxx? I have about 20 timers that use the same settings and wold like to change one Vxxx instead of adjusting every timer when needed. Thanks! Dan
  3. Need to send ASCII code via com port

    Thanks for your reply. Being that I only need the one command to start my test, I'm actually cheating a little. I found a 'wedge' or keyboard converter software (Bill Redirect) that will allow you to use the CTS or DSR points on the serial port to send a command to an open program. I am going to wire the CTS pins 7+8 to an output on the plc. Then in the software I will direct that 'switch' to press {CTRL}t to the Hipot software. Not the ideal way to go but I'm crunched for time and budget. I've used wedges before with other PLCs and had good results. If you search for keyboard wedge you should be able to find what you need. They are used for connecting measuring equipment, calipers, etc. to PCs so they are out there. I do plan on checking with my quality department to see if they have any extras.
  4. Need to send ASCII code via com port

    Thanks for the info. Rather then changing the PLC I'm going to use a keyboard wedge program. It will do what I need for this project, but I know in the future to get the FX3.
  5. I'm using an FX2 plc and need to communicate with a Hipot tester via PC. What it comes down to is in order to fully automate my system I need to send a 'control T' to the PC. I planed on getting a rs232 to keyboard converter and sending the command through the com port. What I'm not sure about is what function do I use to send an ASCII statement over the com port. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Dan
  6. RSLogix install error

    Thanks for the replies. I did get this installed by modifying the registry. I just did not seach the correct keywords to find this in the RA Knowledgebase before i asked here. I'm only installing this on XP home temporarily, while I have the screen fixed on my other laptop with XP pro.
  7. RSLogix install error

    I'm trying to install RSLogix 7.10.00 on a laptop with Windows XP home. I get an error 'Could not set RSICOMPANYDIRID identifier - Installation Failure [#14]'. Has anyone come across this error or know a way around this? I also tried installing an older version 6.10.10 with the same error. Thanks, Dan
  8. sending binary code thru rs232 port

    Yea I didn't realize it was going to be that easy. When I took a minute to look at it I didn't know it was just using a AWT command. I happened to get it before I saw your post. But thanks alot for making that clip for me. THANKS!
  9. sending binary code thru rs232 port

    Ya as i started loking into it i realized that. I'm a noobie at this. I've been doing good but sending data out of the PLC is a new challenge for me. I've had no training just learning off the internet and by trail and error. I think I can figure this out but if anyone has a small sample of the ladder logic it would probible cut my learning curve down alot.
  10. I have a project that i need to send a part number thru the micrologix 1200's rs232 port to a computer and i'm nut sure how to. This is the first time that I've have to do something like this. I understand that I can setup terminal server to recieve it. What I need help with is what commands do i use in the program to send the binary code? Basiclly I'm looking to send '001' or '004'. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.
  11. RSS viewer?

    This program is from another vendor and the customer wanted us to add some sensors to the machine. The other vendor did not leave them with a hard copy of the program. That's why there is no documentation. I was able to use your copy/paiste file and that worked great. I have the electical drawing so now I get to have the joy of filling in the descriptions and figuring out this program. I will also try the other files you just sent to see how well they transfer in.
  12. RSS viewer?

    Here's the file attached. We usually only use the Micro 1000s, but if we do anymore changes on the 1200 we will upgrade our RSlogix. Just right now the cost to upgrade isn't worth it for 1 program change. Thanks alot for the help! You can email it to me at Thanks again, Dan HA3072.RSS
  13. RSS viewer?

    I recieved an RSS file from my customer and I can not open it with my version of RSlogix (RSlogix 500 rev.4.0). I know it came from a Micrologix 1200. Is there any viewers I can download to open the file even to only look at it? I'm going to be able to use their laptop to modify the program when I get there. I just would like to take a look at it before I go. If not would someone be nice enough to make a PDF file for me if I emailed it to them? Thanks, Dan