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  1. NA HMI Read a file from USB

    with StreamReader , you read but with AppendText you can create and  add a line in a txt file .
  2. Buttons with graphics in NA

    I use google to search for buttons and use GIMP 2 to change them (size, color, orientation) .
  3. Buttons with graphics in NA

    maybe just put a button or a rectangle, transparent in front  
  4. NB HMI codebar zebra

    hi , i don't know on NB-HMI  , but on NA-HMI with an other modele of USB barcode reader  , i just open a DataEdit and scan the barcode .
  5. Omron NA Copy Files from USB to FTP

    may be  you can copy the log files every day or week by a subroutine to the ftp . i don't know how work VNC but that's true you can copy files of SD to FTP or USB .....  
  6. Omron NA Copy Files from USB to FTP

    I tried to do it, I manage to copy the folders and files from each folder, but not yet the sub-folders . rob5029 , what do you want to do ?  
  7. Newline / Carry Return

    hi , yes , you can but with  & var = "Hello" & newline & " How are you ?"  
  8. Administrator Access

    change IP address for connecte to the automate . Same problem since Monday  .
  9. NA Use USB to update tag

    SetInputFocus , open directly the keypad .  if that's you want .
  10. NA-series password change

    i made a popup for set : name , his own psw , check the role ( automatically set the psw role )  and call "enregistrement_nouvelle_personne" . and an other popup for Login , just write the own psw  and  call "OuvertureSession" for looking ,in the file.txt ,the role .
  11. NA-series password change

    i'll try with my poor English ^^
  12. NA-series password change

    Hello, for more ease of use (adding person) I just made the whole on a text file with VB . On the screen with a pop up, I can directly add a person, their password and role.