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  1. SAFE Torque OFF Status

    Hello all;     Guys I have an issue right now. I’m running a system and when two motors need to run the two powerflex 527 go to error and the drive display shows Inhibit S05 SAFE Torque OFF Status.   
  2. How can I open a .rss file?

    The original name of the project was Scale rev 2.rss.abc and I renamed to scalerev2.rss and RSlogix opened and a message appeared on the screen ( File open failed-File corrupt or user does not have access rights to open project).    I will contact the company that sent it to me.
  3. How can I open a .rss file?

    Yeah that’s the first thing that I tried and when I trying to open the file RSlogix 500 it just open but I can’t see any project.    how can I post the project here? Max total size here is 3.91MB 
  4. How can I open a .rss file?

    Hi Mickey thanks for your answer.    I have RSlogix 500 v11.0 installed in my computer. When I received the project it seemed strange to me because the file appeared with a blank icon but with the ending .rss.abc.    I compared the file with my other projects that I have in rslogix 500 and there’s a different type of file. The file with the one I have issues is type ABC (.abc) and my regular projects are RSLogix 500 Projoct file (.RSS)     
  5. Hello everyone guys;      I’m new in this web page and it’s great.  well, the thing is I’m trying to open a .rss file ( a company sent to me a project in rslogix500 to replace in a micrologix 1400 plc. But when I’m trying to open the project I can’t do that. I’m reading about versions and everything but how can I know the version that they used to create the project? Can anyone open my project and save for version 11.00 I have that version in my laptop.