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  1. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    I did exactly the same but is still dont work... The weird thing is that it have worked 1 time, but now i was trying to send the message again but wont work and i have no idea why. I did also cycle power
  2. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    I did, left the power off for more then 10 sec...
  3. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    I send "Hello\r" so \r is the terminator of the message. I thought that \r is the CR (0x000D) so I still have no idea why i dont receive the message in the PLC.  
  4. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    the PLC i use is a CJ1M Dip switch 5 is in the OFF position. Now I have put 000D in the field of Set End code. I know that the port is not standard. I have made changes to the port, i think it should work. I can send something with TXD so i think the port is good. It still dont work, but now i can receive '.0' as show in the picture.
  5. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    Can someone help me how i can receive a string (RXD-command) I do not receive a thing.