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  1. I am unable to understand the code how can i use this code for Omron CP1L to connect with Yaskawa V1000 vfd via RS485. i am new user of omron. how can i communicate code you please help me to send simple code. i have to start stop and give frequency to vfd. right now i am getting error code 0004H which is disable of serialgateway at the time of A641.00 is unable. could you please share a simple code. i have to communicate multiplt vfd with it 
  2. I have mentioned the same as for CP1L all is fine but in cp1l there is a feature of serial gateway. where the packet is converted by this gateway at the end either in Compoway(Omron Protocol) or Modbus. how can we enable this serial gateway because i am getting an error 0x04 which is because of disable of this serial gateway 
  3. Could you please share PLC sample code, i am unable to find here.  how can i use this block (Inverter Refresh the only FB in attachment) ?
  4. Hi,  the output from serial port 2 is in modbus format? can i use this fb to  operate Yaskawa V1000 VFD?, and how can we use this block to operate  multiple vfds
  5. Here in video the person set MODBUS RTU Mode in setting of PLC CP1E, where i don't have that option instead of that i have used Serial Gateway option on my CP1l PLC. does it effect? else all setting on PLC or manual is same 
  6. Abdul Wajid, i have follow all the instruction as per yaskawa manual for configuring and wiring same as for Omron CP1L. follow the program as describe in vfd. still facing call alarm on vfd and COMM led of my RS-485 module is also not blinking. difficult to trouble shoot. please suggest 
  7. Hello All, I am new Omron PLC user. i have to connect My Omron CP1L with Yaskawa VFD V1000 via modbus serial gateway. I am estabishing 2 wire RS-485 connection(CP1W-CIF11). Please share any simple code or guideline. i have to run 2 vfd.