VB.Net Class Communicate to Omron PLC V1.7.0

By prayung in Utilities,
Update version 1.7.0, Sep 2019 Add function Read/Write Float32 Feedback prayung@gmail.com :)   Update version 1.6.0, Oct 2018 Feedback prayung@gmail.com :)   Update version 1.5.0 (Including VB2008 project example) Component for VB2005,VB2008 and other tools that use .Net framework 2.0 or later. Exchange data from your PC to Omron PLC via ethernet and serial port. These components don't require any middleware. Feedback prayung@gmail.com :) PoohPlcLink.dll Version History V1.7.0.0.doc PoohPLCLink on web.zip