Controlling another application with VB.NET

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About This File

Small demo how to write program that uses another application (any). In this demo (VB.NET source included) remote application is Windows Calculator.

Things to note:

- launch check if running and close remote app

- issue commands such as minimize maximize and restore (note that this works even if actual icons in upper right corner are grayed out this only prevents access in normal use not when accessed remotely like through API)

- read and write text from/to remote app (also works if user cannot see remote app like when minimized etc.).

- issue mouse clicks (to be effective should not be affected by user moving mouse cursor and should not interfere with user interaction with computer)

- it can focus on and control specific instance of the application (try to run several Calculators) etc.

panic mode

PS. To really see what is inside remote app you want to manipulate (check class caption etc.) you will need program like ShowWindow