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About This File

I just tried to contribute a little for our Mitsubishi section.

This ladder code was written for FX PLC but it will work with

little or no changes on any PLC. For those who don't have

software I provided pdf version of the printout (it doesn't

look nearly as good as on screen version but I don't have or don't know

way to change that - i don't remember need to print plc program in

such a long time...). Maybe someone will like screenshot version...

Sequencer is counter based. This imaginary machine uses only three

pneumatic actuators (gripper lift and transfer) with reed switches

there is pair of photoeyes and it even controls two conveyors.

Load conveyor runs until part reaches photoeye then it waits for

pick and place to pick part. Unload side conveyor moves just

enough to make room for next part and then stops.

Program sections include alarms sequencer etc and has

auto manual and step mode. Step mode is same as auto but

intended for step by step execution which can be very handy for

troubleshooting. I hope someone will like it because it took me

nearly two hours to make darn thing and about half an hour

to make those pdfs.

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