NX NJ Moving Variable Data with removable media on NA HMI 1.0.0

About This File

This document, and the accompanying Sysmac Studio sample project, are intended to provide a method of moving the values of a variable (typically a structured variable, built using a custom data type) from one machine to another machine with the same variable and data type.  Machine setup parameters, initial factory default values, or similar parameters would be typical examples when this type of function would be used. 

This is accomplished using removable media (USB Drive or SD Card) attached to an NA HMI.  The variable data is saved on the removable media on ‘Machine A’.  The media is ejected from ‘Machine A’ and moved to the NA HMI on ‘Machine B’.  The data is then loaded into the variable on ‘Machine B’, completing the process.  An externally mounted USB extension cable / jack allows this operation to be performed without the need to open any control cabinets.