About This File

hello guys, I've got a project and i am not too familiar with the allen bradley PLCs. So I hope you guys can help me with some ideas. we have a palitazer in our class we have to modify the PLC's program and add an extra fisical bottons, pause botton(red botton) and continue botton(green botton) 

some times the operator needs to get inside to the enclosure WHILE THE MACHINE IS IN AUTO MODE and that is why we need the stop botton, so the operator can push it and "pause" the machine in any moment. all the outputs and inputs should stay in their current state until the operator press the start/continue bottom, after this the machine should be able to continue the routine. 

here is some info about the palletizer 


I dont know if this is possible or not I've been studyng the ladder, but I could find the solution. 

I atached the PLC program in this file, thanks you very much

we got the PLC Allen Bradley SLC 5/03