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    I got a tool from the OPC guru at Rockwell that will check the ports on a remote computer. You run it and enter the IP of the PC/server you wish to check with and it polls Rockwell's commonly used ports and reports if it was successful or not.



  2. 1747_BSN user manual

    BSN user manual



  3. Video - Configure Micrologix 1100 on Ethernet Driver

    Video screen shot of my desktop configuring a ML1100 to talk on ethernet.
    Step one is to configure your project with an IP address then download your project with RS-232 driver using RSLINX using a CBL-PM02 cable.
    Then connect a cross over cable if connected direct or use an ethernet hub between your ethernet card and the ethernet port on the ML1100.
    configure your laptop in the same subnet and configure RSLINX with an ethernet driver. That should be all there is to it.
    TIP: Use RSLINX 2.50 and above to talk to a ML1100...and RS Logix 7.0 or above to program online.



  4. SLC 500 instruction set reference manual

    The instruction reference for all SLC processors. This is available from Rockwell but posted here for the novice users.



  5. L35E produced/consumed quick guide

    This is a quick guide to set up produced / consumed tags on the L35E Compact Logic platform.
    It is in MS Word format with screen captures etc...
    This document is available from the RA Knowledgebase posted here for convenience.



  6. 1769-IF4I Profile Installer RS Logix 5000

    If your like me you might be using some newer cards like a 1769-IF4I *isolated* that you won't find in the profile pick list in RS Logix 5000. Not even if you have the latest and greatest version of RS Logix 5000 like version 16 per say. So this file has a self installer so that it will add a few cards that are missing from your profile pick list.
    1769-IF4I 1.1 V13.04
    1769-OF4VI 1.1 V13.04
    1769-OF4CI 1.1 V13.04
    1769-IF8 1.1 V13.04
    1769-OF8V 1.1 V13.04
    1769-OF8C 1.1 V13.04
    Now you won't have to follow Appendix C in
    Publication 1769-UM014A-EN-P - January 2006
    To add this card as a generic module. It will be in the pick list correct.



  7. Excel PLC I/O Simulator (Updated)

    Excel I/O Simulator. Added animation to H/O/A toggle and rocker switches. In RSLinx name DDE topic "PDCBRIAN" and in excel add the analysis toolpak. I am using this with an AB PLC5 RSLogix5 and RSLinx (Any version higher than the lite version). Great tool for training.



  8. AB PLC Cables Video

    This is a demo of our AB PLC Cables and Drivers Training Video which teaches real world tips and tricks for using Allen Bradley PLC cable and non-OEM replacement cables and protocal converters with the SLC 500 PLC5 and Micrologix PLCs. Warning link is to 91 meg video so high speed connection will be prefered.



  9. Rockwell OS combatibility Matrix

    Matrix shows what software works with which Operating System.
    Covers multiple CPR's



  10. Recovering FactoryTalk Project from MER Upload

    I am unsure of the author of this document but it describes how to recover an Allen-Bradley FactoryTalk (used to be RSViewStudioME) project from uploading the MER file from an Allen-Bradley PanelViewPlus HMI.
    FactoryTalkStudio downloads a compiled file (.MER) into a PanelViewPlus but one will have the dickens of trouble trying to upload and open a MER file. The full FactoryTalkStudio application is an APA file.
    So if you do not have access to the full APA project file such as an OEM builder did not provide it to you then upload the MER file from the PanelViewPlus and give this procedure a try.



  11. Waste Heat Recovery Boiler User Guide

    This is the user's guide that Waste Heat Recovery Boiler working procedure



  12. List of USB Devices (Printers) compatible with Panel View Plus

    Had to request some inside help to request a list of compatible printers that would work one the USB interface of a Panel View Plus. Turns out only printers with PCL3 print language is compatible with a watchful eye on what firmware your panel view plus is running. Here is the list thanks to my local AB rep and Rockwell guys.



  13. Modbus Analysis with Prosoft MVI56-MCM

    This is a step-by-step writeup of how to do some automated Modbus protocol analysis on data passing through a Prosoft MVI56-MCM module using only Windows Hyperterminal, a text editor, and the excellent free Modbus Parser from Chipkin Automation Systems (
    This technique could be handy for debugging or monitoring a Modbus data stream during installation and commissioning of a MVI56-MCM, or for checking for a certain Modbus transaction in a stream of data. It's certainly a lot easier than trying to decode Modbus manually.
    This technote works with the "classic" MVI56-MCM modules that Prosoft has been selling for about the past 10 years. It should also work with any of the MVI-series modules for the SLC, PLC-5, or FLEX platforms that run the same basic firmware.
    The newest MVI56E modules have a web-based monitoring mechanism instead of a diagnostic serial port and I don't know if they have a Data Monitor function.
    I still prefer the full-power Frontline Test Equipment ( NetDecoder suite of software, but that's because I do automation communication analysis for a living. For casual Modbus work, the Chipkin tool is a great labor reducer, and the amount of labor can be further reduced using Hyperterminal and a text editor such as UltraEdit.



  14. EtherNet/IP Developers Guide

    If you’re a product manager, software developer or hardware designer investigating EtherNet/IP™ or Modbus TCP™ for a Linux-based device, this guide is just for you. It’s everything that you need to know before you get started; what development path options are open to you and what some of the pitfalls are in the development process for each of those development paths. Real Time Automation ( is a specialist in industrial network applications and has many guides like this for other industrial and building automation networks.



  15. Code_Generation.pdf

    An introduction on how to use Excel macros to create RSLogix 5000 code.



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