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  1. XG5000 RTC Demo Program

    Real Time Clock (RTC) Ladder Program For LS Industrial System..



  2. UNI_LOOP Full Version Free AB OPC PIDE Loop Control

    Hello, Thanks Mr.PLC for all of the help I have referenced in these forums since I started PLC programming three years ago. These Forums have been a God send for me in extremely stressful times so I am offering a freebie to all.
    I'm looking for feedback regarding stand alone software I have written for loop control using OPC. It has been tested with three different OPC servers, RSLinx Classic (not RSLinx Lite!), Matrikon, and Kepware KepserverEX v5. The PLC family used for testing is Allen Bradley Control Logix and Compact Logix and I'm sure SLC will work but I have to work on pre configuration details and instructions. Currently UNI_LOOP has pre configuration for RSLinx and Matrikon but I have not posted a Matrikon server configuration example on my instructions page yet. My Idea is to have software that will only need to know what type of OPC server that is going to be utilized and the PLC tag names. Internally the software will handle the connection strings and thus save the user the trouble of having to figure out how different OPC servers work. My program has been tested with Windows 7 and XP and was written in Visual Studio 2010. I can only think of one draw back to testing my code which I am currently working on. I am not sure if this is my only option but in migrating to Visual Studio I did not block .NET4.0 and Microsoft sort of snuck that by me with Visual Studio so it is required in order to test UNI_LOOP. I know installing a new product from Microsoft can be a little unsettling but FWIW, Windows 7 ships with versions up to 3.5 and I have noticed Wonderware and Allen Bradley products require .NET at least as high as version 2.0. The software is free and I have a free matching sample of RSLogix5000 v15, using Emulate or Real Hardware that has a PIDE loop and will provide the following functions. Auto/Manual Toggle, (PV) Process Variable Display, (SP) Set Point Display (CV) Control Variable Display, PV Bad Quality Indication, SP Tracking Indication, CV Tracking Indication, Single Adjustment Tag With Up and Down adjustment buttons at a fixed rate, Bumpless Transfer from PV to CV. UNI_LOOP also allows user input Text Entry for the Loop Name, PV, SP, and CV and will remember settings for the folder that it runs from. I have written a Batch file that launches a very large amount of my programs from individual folders with one click and they all remember their settings. I have had a full screen of my programs running all at the same time and they gave me no trouble. I have purposely made my program crash by manipulating the server details and it only would give me an error notice and did not interfere with the other running UNI_LOOP programs. Kepware was the only OPC server that I have tested in Windows 7 but I have not finished pre configuration and instructions. In the future I will have an alarm program with acknowledgement input, and a discrete input program with lamps or text as feedback. My website is My link for the latest version, and I would really appreciate any feedback offered to help improve my software.



  3. The TSTrainer Demo

    Demo of interactive trouble shooting training.
    Hands-On Live Voltage Troubleshooting without the Risk
    3 Basic Control Circuits Problems
    5 Motor Control Problems
    8 PLC Control Problems
    A 'Virtual Met



  4. The PLC Trainer

    DEMO Download:
    The PLCTrainer runs on Windows 95™ Windows 98™ Windows ME™ Windows NT™ Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™.
    The PLCTrainer includes a Laboratory Manual full of proven practical applications that allow the student to work throug



  5. The Motor Control Trainer Demo

    A CD-ROM based training application on Motor Controls. Includes the following:
    1. Wiring Diagrams vs. Ladder Diagrams
    2. Ladder Diagram Logic & Basic Rules
    3. Solenoids
    4. Electromechanical Relays
    5. Introduction to Timers



  6. The LogixTrainer

    DEMO Download:
    Start Screen - Menus etc.
    Configuring Communications
    Chassis & Module Setup
    Monitoring Data
    Interactive Quiz
    Password Protected Student Log File
    Certificate of Completion



  7. The CLXTrainer

    Mutlimedia Tutorial on ControlLogix platform. Demo!



  8. RSLogix 500 Micro Starter Lite

    This is a free version of RSLogix 500! If you want the version that includes RSLinx you will need to download it from the Allen Bradley site. There is an article on the main page of with the details. Enjoy!



  9. Rockwell/Allen Bradley ethernet communication Protocol/driver

    The Allen-Bradley Ethernet Driver provides an easy and reliable way to connect Allen-Bradley Ethernet devices to Client applications, including HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP and countless custom applications. This driver supports the Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 series, PLC-5 series, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and MicroLogix PLCs.
    Interface: TCP/IP Ethernet Port, DHRIO, Net-ENI
    PLC Supported: AB Controllogix, Compactlogix, Micrologix,  SLC50x, PLC5, via TCP/IP Ethernet built-in or Module port. Any device with Ethernet/IP protocol. 
    Methods:  Open, Close, RefreshInfo, ClearDataBuffer
    Events:  OutCome (fires when a communication transaction completes) , RXComplete, TXComplete
    General: Also Supports unsolicited messages from SLC, Clogix family. Via DHRIO, access SLC & PLC5 data tables for read/write. Read or write most of the AB data types. support for DataQueue reads in SLC and Micrologix
    Throughput: Reads 100 consecutive registers @ 10Mhz in 40 msec.
    This driver can be conviniently used with Visual Studio in development of complete large scale complex HMI/SCADA Systems. It can be used to perform advanced reporting MES, analytics, IoT, Big data type apps. One example is available to download here



  10. Pocket HMI-AB Software for AB PLC Connections to Palm

    Demo version. Connect Palm Pilot PDAs to AB SLC 5/xx and MicroLogix PLCs - read/write data monitor points troubleshoot the PLC. Read/Write data points in the PLC. Read/Write timer/counter sub-elements. Monitor data points up to 10 times/second.




    Given a directory containing any number of .PC5 version files of PLC5 programs this program will create a .CSV file listing all the details of all MSG instructions in these programs. Data listed includes file:program name file:rung of the instruction MSG or N address source address length destination address local node link id remote node. There is an option to include/omit MSGs on rungs with AFIs. There is now an option +/-e to to format/not format the file:rung column for Excel import the default is +e



  12. PLC Communicator 2.2

    PLC Communicator is a windows application that can be used to program Allen Bradley (PLC2) PLC's. Some of this programs details are listed below.
    Main features
    Simple and easy to use interface for quick programming and maintainence



  13. Motor Logic - Auto Generator

    This Excel Spreadsheet will allow the user to generate the PLC Mnemonic code and Address Symbol and Descriptions for standard Start Stop Aux Overload motor control logic.<br /><br />User must provide first Input address of each type all others are offset by 1 bit up. Can generate an almost infinite set of rungs.<br /><br />Note : Some Modification will need to be made to have the final logic in PC5 or SLC file format. May also be adapted to L5K and/or L5X with minimal effort.<br /><br />This is a starter program.



  14. Ignition HMI/SCADA Software for Allen Bradley Ethernet PLCs

    Download the New Version of Ignition (7.3) for 32 bit and 64 bit Computers Here
    Need Help?
    Available Users Manual Here and Training Videos Here.
    Free Online Tech Support Available Here!
    Ignition is compatible with Windows, Apple's iOS and Linux Operating Systems.
    Rethinking SCADA Software For Modern Manufacturing 2 Minute Video
    SCADA software has gotten out of control. What if there was a better way to manage control systems? See how web-based software, open standards technology, and unlimited usage licensing are being used to transform the SCADA / control system software landscape. Ignition by Inductive Automation is being used around the world to create HMI, SCADA and MES applications.



  15. FactorySQL and FactoryPMI demo

    The Inductive Automation unified installer provides options of installing: FactorySQL FactoryPMI KepServer Ex and MySQL. MySQL is free. The other packages have unlimited design time and user resettable 2 hour runtime demos.
    FactorySQL is the easiest most effective way to bridge the gap between PLCs and SQL databases. All the way from simple data logging and bidirectional synchronization to advanced triggers and scripting FactorySQL has the features and intuitive design to help you accomplish tasks easily and quickly.
    FactorySQL effectively turns any SQL database into an open tag and historical database for use with FactoryPMI and other applications.



  16. Excel Add-in for Allen-Bradley Data Logging

    ASComm Excel Add-in is a simple to use, non-programmatic way to populate Excel 2007 - 2016 spreadsheets with data from PLCs, instrumentation, and other process hardware.
    ASComm Excel Add-in uses built-in drivers for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix, Micro800, PLC5, and SLC500 communications. No OPC, DDE, external drivers, or programming required.



  17. DeviceNet Tutor-Level 1

    DEMO Download:
    What is DeviceNet
    Component Identification
    Physical Media
    Power Supplies
    Intro to DeviceNet Messaging
    Tips & Tricks
    The tutorial will include a Laboratory Manual for use by



  18. ControlLogix and Excel String Array Read Write Example

    This zip file contains a version 15 Controllogix program an Excel 2007 spreadsheet and an Excel 2003 Spreadsheet.
    The ControlLogix program when loaded in a PLC will interact with the Excel Sheets to read and write a 300 string array tag.
    VBA code is well documented and can be used as a starter kernel for other prograqms.



  19. CommandLogix

    COMMAND LOGIX is a command line tool that works with Logix Services to automate various functions in Logix using a CLX file as setup. The functions include Upload, Download, Partial Imports, Mode Change, etc. The tool comes with an editor to create the setup file.
    This tool is really useful if you have multiple tools to update or if you have a couple updates to make and you don't want to wait for RSLogix to load.



  20. Chinese Version of RSLogix 500 Micro Starter Lite

    This is a Chinese language version of the free RSLogix 500 Micro Starter Lite software package.



  21. Allen-Bradley Logix Family Tag Browser

    ASBrowse.NET for Allen-Bradley Logix family is a class library for program and tag browsing on A-B Logix family of controllers.
    View and download any Allen-Bradley Logix Family controller's tag database without RSLogix 5000 or Studio 5000.
    Can be purchased as ready-to-run application, or as a .NET class library allowing you to incorporate tag browsing into your own applications.
    Potential uses
    Quick and easy browsing and verification of programs and tags outside of programming software Runtime tag selection in conjunction with other Automated Solutions products such as ASComm.NET communications driver. Runtime tag selection in conjunction with third party applications or drivers. Bulk edits for importing back into PLC/PAC programming software Documentation  
    Key Benefits
    Allows you to browse programs and tags on A-B ControlLogix family without the need for RSLogix 5000 Does not require RSLinx or 3rd party drivers Supports controller tags and program tags Supports UDTs and PDTs 100% managed code x86, x64, and Any CPU compatible Visual Studio.NET 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 (Express, Pro, Premium, and Ultimate Editions) Runtime-free for qualified applications  



  22. Allen-Bradley Ethernet Driver for .NET Framework (2.0 - 4.8)

    .NET class library for use in Visual Studio.NET to create HMI/SCADA apps that communicate with A-B ControlLogix, CompactLogix, Micro800 Series, PLC5, SLC500, and MicroLogix PLCs via Ethernet.
    For .NET Framework 2.0 - 4.8 projects. Does not require OPC, RSLinx, or 3rd party drivers. x86, x64, and Any CPU compatible. Visual Studio.NET 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022 compatible Supports unsolicited messages. Most .NET Framework targets are supported, including Web, Windows, console, and service apps. Can be configured programmatically or visually Visually design your entire communications configuration without writing a single line of code Extremely high performance - 5~10 mSec typical transaction time Supports ControlLogix family native tag names Supports reading and writing entire ControlLogix family UDTs and PDTs Supports block transfers of up to 250 words per transaction Tag database can be configured via code or visual designer Abstract base classes allow you to write generic code that works with all drivers Synchronous and asynchronous read/write methods Data change notifications Provides common user interface across all driver classes No limit on number of devices or data points Multi-threaded for high data throughput Includes extensive help system Example applications with VB and C# source code included. Easily connect office systems to factory floor. Runtime-free for qualified applications  



  23. Allen-Bradley Ethernet Driver for .NET 6, .NET 5 & .NET Core. - ASComm IoT

    ASComm IoT for .NET 6.0, .NET 5.0 & .NET Core developers. Class library for use in Visual Studio.NET to create HMI/SCADA apps that communicate with A-B ControlLogix, CompactLogix, Micro800 Series, PLC5, SLC500, and MicroLogix PLCs via Ethernet.
    Does not require OPC, RSLinx, or 3rd party drivers Visual Studio.NET 2017, 2019 and 2022 compatible All .NET 6.0, .NET 5.0 & .NET Core targets are supported, including Web, Windows, console, and service apps. Runs on Windows, Linux & Android Extremely high performance - 5~10 mSec typical transaction time Supports ControlLogix family native tag names Supports reading and writing entire ControlLogix family UDTs and PDTs Supports unsolicited messages Abstract base classes allow you to write generic code that works with all drivers Synchronous and asynchronous read/write methods Data change notifications Provides common user interface across all driver classes No limit on number of devices or data points Multi-threaded for high data throughput Includes extensive help system Example applications with VB and C# source code included. Easily connect office systems to factory floor. Runtime-free for qualified applications



  24. ACAD to PLC DataBase Import

    Converts AUTO CAD I/O drawings to: AB Logix 5/500AB Logix 5000ProworxConcept and most other PLC Programming software. HMI Address Report tool. PLC IO reporter gives you IO Alarms Discrete IO Real IO and Integer IO. ACAD formatted drawing to PLC DB.



  25. A-B Serial DF1 ActiveX Control Trial Version

    ActiveX Toolkit for use in Visual Studio.NET Visual Basic C++ Excel and other packages to create runtime-free HMI/SCADA apps that communicate with A-B ControlLogix PLC5 SLC500 and MicroLogix PLCs via Serial DF1.

    Does not require RSLinx or 3rd party drivers.
    .NET compatible
    Highest performance serial product on the market.
    DF1 Full Duplex and Half Duplex Support
    Extensive context-sensitive help system.
    Built-in modem support, no need for third party dialers
    Supports unsolicited messaging via MSG instruction.
    Supports an unlimited number of PC communication ports.
    Built-in auto-polling feature, no external timers required.
    Multiple executables can share comm ports.
    Port configuration settable via properties, so you can easily integrate configuration into your own applications.
    ActiveX control is multi-threaded for high data throughput
    Powerful example applications and source code included
    Very cost-effective.
    Fully functioning 30 day trial version available.



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