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  3. EtherCat Disable Nodes

    Reporting back on excellent feedback from OMRON support. First, setting the option ECAT nodes to Disable do not report an ECAT fault and the Enabled nodes work just fine (without errors).     In axis settings, configure the axes for the option nodes just as you would if they were installed (enabled).     You can use start program or simply just call a section of logic that enables the optional ECAT nodes (it’s up to you and your preference). So I used the "EC_ChangeEnableSetting" function block set to TRUE or FALSE for each node to ENABLE or DISABLE the desired nodes, then use boolean state of "_EC_PDSlaveTbl[#]" to confirm state of each node. Thanks OMRON.      
  4. Got 2000 button over button

    Could you instead make 1 button, but change the function in the PLC depending on the condition? You can even make the Text change based on the condition too. 
  5. Fr Configurator with windows 10 64 bits

    Hi I would use FR Configurator2 in this case. A more current version that will be supported longer. I also run FR Configurator on Win 10 without problems. 
  6. Good Morning, I connect using a TCPSocket a remote node with my NJ501-1300. In order to test communication with the remote node I use a telnet communication and send from it messages to the remote node: it work correctly opening the connection and then sending all messages I want; the connection will close only at the end of the communication session. WHAT HAPPEN ON NJ? On NJ Open connection whit remote node; Connection is open; Send first message to remote node; Receive correct answer from remote node; Send another ore the same message to remote node; Receive an unknown command answer from remote node. WHY??? To solve previous problem I need to: Close the open connection; Wait the time to reopen it; Reopen connection; send the message; receive the correct answer from the remote node; Close connection Wait the time to reopen it; Reopen connection; send the message; receive the correct answer from the remote node; close connection and so on... Could someone help me to solve this problem opening the connection only once and then close it at the end of the end of communication session?!   THANK YOU
  7. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Hi Wasan, I did this.  The port is found as COM9 and this is also the port I'm using for the communication through cx-programmer.  When I try to go online, I get the standard message of "failed to connect to PLC. The DLL error is on the other PC.  I have done a standard installation, nothing special, but it feels like it came up since a windows 10 update   Any other options?
  8. M2I & Modicon M221 interface

    @NoamC You should check Modbus Address on M221 from this link below.
  9. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    @jorism You should check that windows found your com port first by right click on "This PC" or "My Computer" then select "Manage" and check at "Device Manager" in topic "Port". If eveerything fine you should found com port if not you should check with USB driver. For dll error you should check that you install CX-Programmer on CX-One correctly? 
  10. Fr Configurator with windows 10 64 bits

    To reinstall the software. FR Configurator is working perfectly with Win10 64.
  11. Three times I faced with the same situations in my practice of repairing an eqiuipment by third party manufactures. And every times the problem was typical: they insert in their program one or several merkers, which are activated at the adjustment stage directly using the programming software. So I'd suggest to dig in this direction. It's not difficult to find such mines, using cross referens list function and comparing it with HMI variables. I've managed to do it, spending several hours.
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  13. hello dear team, im trying to make a back up for some FR-E700 with the FR CONFIGURATOR SW3 but when i start the communication with the USB cable the software cant recognize any port by the way im using windows 10 in my laptop and when i check the devices administrator it doesnt shows in USB ports the drive info just in other devices and in details shows: "USB device was not migrated" does anyone know what can i do?
  14. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Hi Sparky, thanks for the answer.  unfortunately, I don't know much about this. It was once installed for me and worked, no it doesn't.  what is VM and how do you force usb2 compatibility?  
  15. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Not sure if this will help, I use a VM for my software, but when using a usb-serial adaptor I have to force usb2 compatibility or my serial devices won't connect. 
  16. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    I have an omron PLC (CJ1M type) at home which I would like to connect to, however, lately, I can't anymore.  I'm trying on two different PC's a newer and an older one, both running on windows 10. 1 is just mentioning a DLL error and I can't even start cx-programmer, the other one seems to work, however, when I try to go online it always fails I'm using a usb to serial device and after some searching on the net, I thought the issue was with the prolific driver.  I tried all kind of fixes, but nothing seemed to work.  I have now purchased another device, the XS8801 from usconverters and installed the latest driver.  I have checked if cx programmer is set to work with the correct port and this is the case. My knowledge is very limited but I would really want to connect to that PLC again, so hoping someone out here is able to help me. Thanks a lot    
  17. Criticore, Thanks for your response. I was able to create the basic logic to convert the dd+mm+yyyy , hh+mm+ss and trip number to strings and then concatenate into a string, as follows (21112020 : 153550 > 12)...  BST AIC S:39 ST78:0 NXB AIC S:38 ST78:1 NXB AIC S:37 ST78:2 NXB AIC S:40 ST78:3 NXB AIC S:41 ST78:4 NXB AIC S:42 ST78:5 NXB AIC N77:10 ST78:9 BND    BST LES N77:10 999 XIC N77:0/0 NXB XIC N77:0/15 BND OSR N77:0/3 BST CTU C5:77 20 18 NXB GRT C5:77.ACC 20 RES C5:77 NXB ACN ST78:0 ST78:1 ST78:10 NXB ACN ST78:10 ST78:2 ST78:11 NXB ACN ST78:11 ST78:7 ST78:12 NXB ACN ST78:3 ST78:4 ST78:13 NXB ACN ST78:13 ST78:5 ST78:14 NXB ACN ST78:12 ST78:14 ST78:15 NXB ACN ST78:15 ST78:8 ST78:16 NXB ACN ST78:16 ST78:9 ST78:17 BND  The output is basic and ugly as follows, (dd+mm+yyyy+:+hh+mm+ss+>+trip number)(21112020  : 153550 > 12) and I would like to enhance it, but the current issue is that I am not able to figure out how to maintain the last 20 events. I tried using a counter to save the last 20 events into 20 contiguous string registers, but am not able to use indirect addressing to save the results to ST78:20 through ST78:40. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. PL7 Download

    You need to contact Schneider Electric.  The software has never been released as free.
  19. Sounds like perhaps the HMI also had a battery which is dead?  Was the HMI storing values? The EEPROM only stores the program, not the data in the memory.  If the values were stored in the PLC, they were backed up by the battery.
  20. Sysmac Studio simulation, Variables not loaded

    You can't simulate NS and NA at same time.  When you start combined simulation, it asks NA Series or NS Series.
  21. SLC 5/03 System Conversion To Ethernet

    So....they clearly don't want us using the SLC 5/xx PLCs any more. List price on a low-end 5/05 is $9500. A low-end CompactLogix (1769-L16ER-BB1B) is $1720. The 1747-AENTR is $2610, so you could replace a 5/03 with a CompactLogix and Ethernet/IP module for $4330, or about half the cost of a 5/05. That's a bit crazy, but that's how AB gets people to migrate to newer platforms. We have a BUNCH of 5/03s here; it looks like we won't be migrating to the 5/05... An appropriate gateway module to get access to the whole DH-485 network would still be more cost effective if you have more than one or two 5/03s to talk to or if there are other DH-485 slave devices.
  22. De-Normalize the binary Data

    As Michael has suggested, a Union would be the easiest method to view it in different Data Types. Where is the data coming from? Maybe we can help you simplify the process. If it is part of a group of data (EtherNet/IP for example) then a Structure may be helpful.
  23. Connect L06CPU-P with Siemens S7-1500

    Yeah, station numbers was the same... It's ok that connection test connect with PLC?
  24. Connect L06CPU-P with Siemens S7-1500

    probably your station numbers are the same  press on the Ethernet button on the top of your trasfer setting screen and change the stations number to anything but 1
  25. Connect L06CPU-P with Siemens S7-1500

    In process was found another problem with ethernet module. Can anyone explain what it is and help with?  
  26. Got 2000 button over button

    Good morning, I would like to have a button over another button with Hide/show controlled by device. But when the top button is hidden the button below cant be touched. Is it possible to change a setting so this can be done or is there a better way of doing this.   Thanks
  27. micrologix 1400 and Pansonic GT707

    i try using micrologix 1500 with panasonic GT707 , when i use CRC  in plc  , the HMI is working good , but when i use BCC i dont have comunication ,then , when i can not modify inside PLC error configuration BCC to CRC ( when PLC is lock by  password).    
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