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  3. Hi In Zeliosoft FBD programming, is there a way to insert or redirect a line to place a function along an existing wire?  Or do you have to clear the wire, and then reattach the wire origin to the new function input, and the new function output to where the wire terminated before (assuming you can remember?)
  4. No system variables exist for communication that isn't cyclic and managed by the system itself. FINS, Modbus, MQTT, and Socket Services all fall in this category.
  5. 2 PLC with 1 HMI

    yes Mr @Gambit i am adding fx3u 16mt and gs2107-wtbd
  6. Last week
  7. FX1N and DOP Delta HMI

    Dear All I use FX1N PLC connected to DOP 107BV via RS232, The cable pinout, GX developer parameter setting, and DOP 107BV setting in the attachment. My proble is the response of the screen is too slow and communication error appear. How can I solve this problem?? Thanks in advance Mitsubishi Delta HMI.pdf
  8. reset encoder

    hi everyone, I created a program to indicate the motor directions, but it does not work. One more, I cannot reset the encoder. I used encoder#1. Pls help me. Thank you.   MotorDirection.cxp
  9. Replacing thumb wheel

    Yes, it will be good for HMI work as display 
  10. Are you referring to using a CJ1W-EIP21 card or using the CJ areas for FINS?
  11. Error 2110 SP.UNIT

    Sorry for late answer, I have an accident on a finger but im ok now, ive checked the CVS and th Q01 only says error 2110, as for the QD75 match with erro 803 which is "CPU Error"
  12. Float Valve

    @AndrejP not sure how the CXProgrammer community folks are, but most programmers I know won't write code for free.  That said if you were to take a crack at programming it and post your work, you would "tons" of "free advice" on how to improve and make it better.  Give those helping you a place to start and show some initiative will get more responses.
  13. Need help desperately

    No, you usually need the whole folder containing it.  One of the quirks of InstallShield is that the installer is also used as the uninstaller, and a whole bunch of necessary metadata is placed alongside setup.exe in that archive location.
  14. Float Valve

    Hello. I need to create project to manage FLOAT VALVE. Let's say that RUNNING_Time of valve is 100 seconds. Usually I would control the float valve in this way: When I start or stop the regulation, the valve would be closing for 110% of RUNNING_Time (positioning). When the positioning is done, I would start NORMAL_Operation. In normal operation I would like to drive the valve based on time intervals. If the valve is closed and the POSITION_Setpoint is 50%, I would set the DIGITAL_OUT_Open for 50 seconds. If the POSITION_Setpoint then goes to 60%, I would set the DIGITAL_OUT_Open for 10 more seconds. Does someone have this kind of sample written in CX-Programmer? Thanks. I have INPUT data for valve: - POSITION_Setpoint (0-100%) - RUNNING_Time  (120 sec) I would like to have OUTPUTS: - POSSITION_Current - DIGITAL_OUT_Open - DIGITAL_OUT_Close
  15. Need help desperately

    It does not exist.   I just need that file, could someone provide me that setup.exe from their Installation Folder? Anyways I'm not sure it would work this way with just that file. Thing is I can get that .exe by installing on another computer with sysmac studio but installing it takes too much time (I guess I will have to reinstall in the end)
  16. 2 PLC with 1 HMI

    Which PLC will you be adding another FX3U ? Which GOT/HMI ?
  17. 2 PLC with 1 HMI

    Hello, I am going to be adding plc on press welding machine. the machine has PLC FX3U-16M and attached with 15 16points I/O module. is there any best way to connect 1 HMI with both 2 PLC ? 
  18. getting two NX/NJ plc to communicate through CIP datalink, i can check  _EIP_TargetNodeErr[<IP node address>] and _EIP_RegTargetSta[<IP node address>] for communication problems. However this does not work when the datalink is done through CJ areas. I can get around it in program, but I would better like using an internal variable like the ones above. So far I didn't found anything in the documentation, are such flags existing and available as system variables? Thanks
  19. Help with I/O wire installation for FX5UC PLC ...

    Glad you found your answer and shared for others to learn as well.
  20. Need help desperately

    Does setup.exe exist at the full path where windows is looking for it? And if it does check and make sure that setup.exe and the folder it is in have Read/Write/Execute permissions set and hasn't been changed to ReadOnly by some security program.
  21. WinCC - older version or not fully installed?

    Sigmadelta,           Thanks.  That worked.  I appreciate your help. Rath  
  22. Set Carry e Clear Carry.

    Thanks for your answer. Very well explained.
  23. Need help desperately

    I right click always on the exe's and run as administrator... Also the folder that the error points out does not exist.
  24. Need help desperately

    it could be a user rights thing are you trying to install it as administrator? or a compatiblity issue that you have to install as win7 or 10 compatible or anti virus software because its a EXE file .   
  25. I'm trying to install this file from upgrading sysmac studio: But I get this error:   I tried uninstalling directly from windows, and I get this:   (It literally says: "Windows cannot find the file: "[...]setup.exe". be sure the name is written correctly and try again.) I'm stuck here I don't want to install the rest of the downloaded .exe's if this fails... Anyone can help me? It is critical.
  26. Problem with Stepper Drive

    I see... Well, with this example I have nothing to add. Sorry.  
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