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  2. Open .RSP file

    could it be my account is too new and i need to wait for file uploads?
  3. RSP files

  4. RSP files

    trying .. its only 190 K    
  5. RSP files

    i am having trouble uploading my RSP file as an attachment in this forum link  .. any help.    it says upload failed. .contact us for assitance.
  6. Open .RSP file

    not sure if it uploaded correctly ACP_1.RSPACP_1.RSP
  7. Open .RSP file

    not sure if it uploaded correctly  
  8. Open .RSP file

    Hey im looking for the RSP file conversion to PDF..  many many thanks in advance   ACP_1.RSP
  9. Error

    He probably did 5 years ago.
  10. RS232 Comm with QJ71C24N-R2

    If it streamed data to the PLC continuously then I would query the use of the Bidirectional Protocol. Did you read that this was required somewhere? I would assume Bidirectional may want handshaking other than the software XON/XOFF that your 3 wire connection can give (and if it was streaming continuously to the PLC without software handshaking then the Scales are not using it). If so this could be why you are not receiving data. For streaming data perhaps the Non Procedure Protocol is the way to go.  However, you will probably have to format the data yourself and often even have to find it in within the data array received.
  11. Quadriga program

    Hi all.  does anybody on here have a working program Quadriga. If so is it able to convert to a Siemens S5 backup file for me ? any help much appreciate. regards mark
  12. Quadriga

    Hi all.  does anybody on here have a working program Quadriga. If so is it able to convert to a Siemens S5 backup file for me ? any help much appreciate. regards mark
  13. NX102 Data logging

    Have you thought about writing your data to the SD card in .csv files and then emailing the file. I can post the Email function block if you want. I am using this method and it works very well!!
  14. INDUSOFT - VLC stream video RTSP

    I have no experience with the ActiveX but I would think Network Stream URL should be an editable property of the ocx if it's designed logically.
  15. RS232 Comm with QJ71C24N-R2

    After doing exactly as you said, I was able to connect it to a PC and read the continuous output results from the scale. This now tells me there is a problem with how the PLC interprets the data. I have the same settings in the PLC side with baud rate, stop bits etc. I have attached photos of my setup. I'm still not confident that I am looking in the right buffer memory address area so if someone would confirm that is K1537 (H601) onwards that would be helpful too, unless my QJ71C24N-R2 settings are incorrect using Channel 1. That brings up another question I just thought of - how do you specify in the FROM instruction which channel you are using? Or rather does the buffer memory separate channel 1 and channel 2 areas of storage? I'm currently hooked up to CH1. 
  16. FTVME Parameter Files

    Parameter file can only pass local or plc tags. It cannot pass value, only tag, so you will need to create string tag if you wants to assign string to parameters. The syntax to use parameter in your object is #1 you don't have to add {::[PLC} and } at the end.  regards
  17. FTV ME Parameter tag to PLC

    I've used parameter few time. I don't think you can use it in macro. It is design to be used in screen only, you set the parameter file to use in the goto screen pb. If you need to write a value in macro when a screen open / close, use startup macro in display settings --> behavior tab.
  18. PF527 Bus undervoltage user limit

    use trend to find out what cause the low dc bus error. i.e. trend with dcbus voltage, drive speed, drive command and so on...
  19. Factory Talk Studio - cant open an application

    open factorytalk ME application manager, try to backup file and then restore it. You can post your backup file as well, we will try to open it.
  20. PanelView Plus 1000 The touch screen not move when pressed

    plug a mouse in a usb port. Then you will be able to operate the screen. Goto terminal setting --> touch icon --> calibrate tab. Follow the calibration procedure. If the screen still not responding, it will need to be replaced. regards
  21. NA5 screen Crashes

    Hey BE, Sorry I meant to mention that.  I now have all my alarm groups merged together (i.e. Robots, Tools, Utilities, Safety...) and I'm still having the issue.  We are in contact with Omron directly now and they have mentioned that only 2 HMI's should be used with 1 controller (we have 4, but 2 are turned off because of other issues we were seeing).   One thing to note.  We have all our remote I/O (safe/non-safe) communicating on EtherCat.  Our HMI's and robots are communicating on Ethernet IP.  Our task execution time is set to 4ms, but is going over.  From my understanding, the Ethernet IP network is scanned at the end if each task scan so with the time being over, we don't have time to scan the Ethernet IP network.  This might be the root cause of the crashes.  We are seeing other issues here too, screen lag, Sysmac Studios freezing/crashing, robots losing comms which could all be from the scan time issues, because we are connected via ethernet.   We have been directed by Omron to try some changes and once implemented, I'll keep you posted on the solution/results.   Scott
  22. Sysmac Studio

    Hello ,  Is my frist project on Omron and also on Sysmac Studio .  I have one PLC NX1P2 - 9024DT1 I write a sample program on ST with internal variable ( struct ) but i receive an information that i dont have permition to write on Var  Ps.  I can uploaded file with image   
  23. GX Works ARRAY usage

    What is the problem?
  24. PLC - OMRON CP1L-EM40DT1-D Software - CX-Programmer   We need to measure two lengths of the same object using a single rotary Encoder.   I am using two PRV Instructions to read HSC0 pulse to D0 and D10 respectively. (PRV #0010 #0000 D0) (PRV #0010 #0000 D10)   The problem is, we can't change the value of D0 and D10 to zero separately by using MOV instruction.   What I need to do, to run my logic is explained below. (when 10500 pulses complete, Move 0 to D0 and again start counting from zero, but do not change the value of D10) (when 25650 pulses complete move 0 to D10 and again start counting from zero, but do not change the value of D0)   (we can't change the value of D0 and D10, as PRV always moves the data of HSC0 to D0 and D10, The only thing we can do as per my knowledge is to reset or change the PV of HSC0 using INI instructions or Auxiliary Memory Flag but that will change the value of both D0 and D10.)   Basically, I need to monitor pulse count to two different locations without interruption of each other.   There is no way to reset both D0 and D10 separately.   What can I do to fulfill my requirements?
  25. Error

    Create new black project with same type op PLC Copy MAIN.wpg from error project to new project which is same directory POU/body
  26. Dear all, PanelView Plus 1000 The touch screen not move when pressed and Show hands, do not touch, How to fix this cause. Regards, Vongphet Douangmany
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