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  3. Hi all, i am require to control my PLC from a pc software which i can read and write the DM and contact on CP1E. I need to know the command to send to my CP1E.  And according to this post. May I know which manual is able to guide me on the instruction as the post like @00R#TIMH001028* .  I keep searching in the internet but cant get any manual which showing this.   
  4. Sensor issues

    what is the shape and size of the tablets? what is the exact stack order in which they are "aligned all together"? if they are cylindrical, there is a big difference between grouping on same axis (one axis aligned with cylinder axis) and grouping side to side (cylinder axis are parallel but not the same axis). later one allows sensor to be moved off enter and look at the perimeter.
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  6. Sensor issues

    hi thank you for your answer, the counting stops because the sensor can’t detect the object anymore after about one hour of working fine. It doesn’t have to be an optical sensor so I will try the capacitive one then, through beam is not posible because tablets are aligned all together so the beam will always be break, thank you for your recommendation I will try it right away !
  7. Sensor issues

    sensor is sensing and not counting... counting is done in the PLC logic. for dusty environment i would prefer to not use optical sensor...capacitive or ultrasound or something else would be better... and if for some reason it had to be an optical sensor, i would definitely not go for a diffuse sensor, specially not one that responds to amount of reflected light and does not even have a background suppression. bean-through or polarized-reflective would perform better in such environment. also why not automate sensor cleaning? different options come to mind, perhaps simply occasionally blowing some air at it. 
  8. Mitsubishi GX Works 3

    Thank you so much for clarification
  9. Sensor issues

    hello I am new here and I hope I can have some help with my new project! Project: Chlorine tablets are being counted on a conveyor by a sensor and when count reaches 100 a gate is open(air piston driven) so they can fall inside a bucket. This go on and on for 8 hours. Hardware use: - click PLC - ac solenoid valve  - air piston  - sensor The issue is with the sensor, I already used Two different types but problem doesn't seem to go away. The sensor start counting and everything seems good for like one hour but after this it stops counting. The environment is really dirty because chorine raw material is really dusty so I tried cleaning the glass of the sensors and having some ventilation but nothing works. So every time the sensors stop sending signals when tablets are passing by I have to stop everything and realign the sensor again(every time I clean the sensor glass I have to realign so it can detect the chlorine parts again ). -sensors I already tried were the Omron E3Z-ll81 and an infrared proximity switch. Is there a sensor for this type of environment or what it seems I have been doing wrong here ? I have some experience with PLC’s but I consider myself still a beginner although I have done already lot of projects in the past but this is the first time I am trying to work with sensors!  Thank you much !
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  11. Logix Tag-Based Alarms

    Well it looks like we've wandered off topic and since I started the wandering I'll try to bring it back.  So here goes. Logix Tag-Based Alarms seem to be quite new and I have not found much information about them except for Knowledgebase Article IN7565. Has anyone out there used the Tag-Based alarms and if so what was your experience, good or bad?  Have you ran into any gotchas? Thanks All!
  12. S5 STL to ladder question

    Hi, I have the following STL code in an old S5 processor, can someone tell me if I've transcribed it to ladder correctly please? :O    F11.0 :O    F11.1 :(    I81.6 :AN    F11.2 :AN    F11.2 :O    I81.6 :A    Q64.3 :) :A    I64.6 :A    I64.0 :AN    F3.6 :=    Q64.3 F11.0    I81.6   F11.2   F11.3    I64.6    I64.0    F3.6                  Q64.3 [ ]---------[ ]-----[/]---------[/]--------[ ]--------[ ]-------[/]-------------------( )           |         |                         | F11.1 |         |  I81.6    Q64.3 | [ ]------          ---[ ]------[ ]-------   Thanks in advance
  13. Logix Tag-Based Alarms

    I also tend to "roll-my-own" alarm handling as well. At my current location, the OEMs have tended to use the built-in alarm functionality for the HMIs, which I generally dislike. Especially with the PV+ and Siemens MP/Comfort HMIs. I'm in the process of migrating an old PV+ to a C-More HMI now. It's been a LONG time since I used one of these (over a decade) so I'm having to re-learn it, but so far it's been far more straightforward and intuitive than the PV+ was.
  14. Logix Tag-Based Alarms

    One other possibility is that a lot of us like what we've come up with. We don't use AB HMI software. We use Cygnet or ClearSCADA (although Schneider has done what they always do when they buy something and let ClearSCADA founder). I took a look at Plant Pax recently... that thing is a pig... 
  15. I would think it would be compliant since Beckhoff created the Ethercat standard.
  16. Mitsubishi GX Works 3

    Al timers are on delay in GX Developer.  That is timer 41.  As for the preset, it is sometimes different by PLC model, but typically that would be 2.0 seconds.
  17. Axis Synchronization (Rotary and Linear )

    To change it to a integer you can multiply both axes by a 1000 or some other number this will give you integers that would be usable in the gearing.
  18. Glad you got it working. Nice job! Posting your results could be helpful for other forum members if you have the time.
  19. Memory Error

    The forums have been having issues with this. Try using a different browser or host the program from Google, Dropbox or some other hosting site. As far as the end statements, older software packages like Omron CPT used to transfer programs in their entirety. Meaning, it would transfer bad code (garbage) past the END statement. This caused CX Programmer to find all the issues because it will not compile with these problems. It's possible (and only possible) that you could delete everything past the first END statement if this is the case.  Just going to throw this out there... Is this only one machine or do you have several that are the same? I ask because a lot of machines during this period had PLC replaced from CQM1 to CQM1H. These PLCs are very different even though the part numbers look similar. The instruction set was changed. The "H" is the newer instruction set.
  20. Eaton easysoft 7

    Good day. Has anyone experiences trouble with easysoft 7 counting relays C01? what ever I do I always get an error on the block. I did try to attach photo to the post but it was not possible.   
  21. Mitsubishi GX Works 3

    Please confirm if instruction (T41)K20   means Timer number 41 for 20 seconds & if yes then whether it is off delay or on delay timer
  22. Mitsubishi GX Works 3

    It is Melsoft series GX developer. Unable to understand meaning of instruction (T41)K20,  Tried by selecting this instruction and pressing F1, but Help screen did not pop up
  23. Mitsubishi GX Works 3

  24. Logix Tag-Based Alarms

    Joe E. Perhaps my comments on Rockwell using customers as beta testers was a bit strong. However, the Logix Tag Based alarms still seem like a feature that is not fully ready for widespread use. Unfortunately no ACTUAL user of this feature has yet responded to this topic.  Mr. Arslan quotes the literature descriptions of this feature, but as we all know, what the literature says and what the software actually does is sometimes different.  Thankfully these differences are usually minor and only cause irritation. Usually … Here's an example of why I think the Logix Tag Based Alarms feature is not quite ready.  The manual says is that Logix Tag Based alarms are evaluated every 500 ms.  It also states that any delay times in the Tag Based Alarm configuration need to be entered in steps of 500 ms and can range from 0 to some maximum.  This IMPLIES that any alarm condition that lasts less that 500 ms may not be reliably detected by this feature, but the manual says NOTHING about this. Did they create a special function to handle 0 delay alarms?  Nope! After a call to Tech Support and two days of waiting for a response from "up the ladder" I was informed that "Logix Tag Based alarms may not capture alarm conditions lasting less that 500 ms and one should use an ALMD or ALMA instruction instead".  This type of information should be in the manual, not hidden under multiple layers of tech support. It's not that I dislike this feature, quite the contrary.  I set up about 100 alarms with it in PLC code and it made it easy to create alarms and manage settings.  All of the alarm logic variables can be accessed and used in the PLC program and are accessible by the HMI. (Never ran it in the field however.)  It really does have some great features. Just doesn't appear quite ready for prime time.
  25. Hi, thank you for replying! I have finished the ladder program and it was success. I can receive the data from external device to PLC memory now.
  26. TIA Portal for beginners

    HMI Elements: Button  (TIA Portal/WinCC: #4)
  27. Micro 850- ASCII query/command and response

    I don't have access to any HMI/SCADA or input device. According to this:, I can use RSLogix to send ASCII strings to ASCII triggered devices such as MessageViewer Terminal using the AWA/AWT functions (by typing the hex code for the ASCII string in the input value field of the AWA/AWT). Can something similar be done to send ASCII commands from my computer to the pressure transducer via the PLC (Micro 850)? The only way the transducer responds with a pressure reading is when it encounters that command from the computer (I tried this with Putty and it worked, the transducer sent out ASCII text to the terminal for pressure reading). Btw, I am using a 2080-SERIALISOL plug-in module for serial port communication with the transducer. 
  28. Add-Ons for gas and liquid flow thru an orifice

    Are these add-ons still available? I would really like to get a copy of them  
  29. Varying Versions

    Should be fine, however if you want to do the proper conversion you can change the HMI type in CX-Designer before you download the program to the screen
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