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  2. Axis Permanent Control

    you have to be a bit more specific, what do you want to achieve? as I understand it, you want an axis to track depending on a value (should a position or speed be tracked?) what is the response time, how do you control the axis (A/B phase via output or via SSCNET and positioning module?). In the simplest case monitor the corresponding value in the PLC for change and set a corresponding move command, if the normal cycle time is too slow use an interrupt for monitoring/control.
  3. How long could be integer or DINT

    You could use an AVE instruction on the array and then MUL the average by the size of the array. You'll have to "blink" the AVE instruction since it only calculates once per rung-goes-to-true. I've tested that with either a flasher bit in front of it or by immediately unlatching the .EN and .DN bits of the AVE instruction's control tag. You can decide which is what you want to do.
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  6. I am not sure if anyone know any websites or sources ,to practice and program same as real projects. I have seen many websites but they are not realistic.
  7. Factory talk HMI server

    Thanks for your reply. Its Factory talk view SE (site edition). I do not  access any physical HMI andd PLC.  
  8. Factory talk HMI server

    Is this Factory Talk View ME or Factory Talk View SE.
  9. Axis Permanent Control

    Hi Guys, How can I bring an axis into permanent control? that as soon as a value changes, the axis reacts. My Hardware FX5U, FX5SSC MR-JE-20B. Thanks a lot.
  10. Factory talk HMI server

    I am using Factory talk view to practice but there is not any physical HMI ,I have been come up with errors.  So,I am not sure to create new HMI server ,it requires physical HMI?? THANKS
  11. TIA Portal for beginners

    PLC Programming Smart Tips - #12 Change objects color
  12. Hello to all  We have a problem with starting CPU. In GX Developer we click "Diagnostics" and see Error 2400 File set Error. What causes this error? Error code list[Error code 2400] and point to step / parameter 1100 we already have format the memory the last thing not tried yet is :  - swap the CPU , (still in process provide by purchasing) - change memory battery (as per suggest by machine vendor) kindly needs some suggestion if anyone experienced this problem, or maybe some tips    Applicable machine    QnA series PLC ===================================================================================== Error code(SD0)    2400 Error message    FILE SET ERROR LED status(RUN)    OFF LED status(ERROR)    Flashing PLC operating state    Stop Diagnostics timing    At power ON & reset [FILE SET ERROR] The file specified with a parameter does not exist. ■ Collateral information • Common information: File name/Drive name • Individual information: Parameter number ■ Diagnostic Timing • At power-on/At reset/At writing to programmable controller/STOPRUN Read the individual information of the error using the programming tool to identify the numeric value (parameter No.). Check the drive name and file name of the parameter corresponding to the value, and correct it as necessary. Create the specified file and write it to the CPU module.
  13. How long could be integer or DINT

    Thanks for detailed response and explanation. Looks like I resolved that issue. Now I have last couple rungs  of my routine where i want to add all values of my  Array[52].  Any idea how to write the short formula for the CMP (Compute) instruction which will give me the SUMM (total decimal value) of all DINs in my Array[52]? I tried these options {Array[value]}; Array{value} and others but all returned with error. I dont want to write formula with summary of 52 values : Array(0)+Array(1)+........Array(52).    I checked all manuals and instruction descripton so far found nothing. Do I missing something there? Thanks. 
  14. GLX Safety Question

    So im looking for recommendations on a safety PLC application, and I'd like some advice. So the addiction is zero motion detection, were using a 5069-L306ERMS2, 5069-IB8S, 5069-OBV8S. What id like to know if its feasible and safe. Can a zero speed detection code be written and safe in a PLC? I mean you can buy a zero speed detection safety relay, and two generic sensors , one PNP, and one NPN, and its just watching the pulses to happen in a predetermined manor and that both transition in the correct manor and that they both stop. So why or why not do this in a PLC? Any advice on how to do it, and considerations or advice?  What are peoples thoughts and or advice?
  15. Panel View Time and Date Stamp Display in an Array

    Have you considered an UDT for Date/Time and an array of UDT?
  16. RS Logix Emulate 500 instance IP and Port

    Thank you! I'll give it a try.
  17. Yesterday
  18. I am not sure if anyone knoe hoe to change directory of the factory ttalk view. when I want to creat new new HMI project ,I come up with an error which indicates in image below. Thank you
  19. On the ethernet/ip driver there is an option to browse remote network. When connected via NAT you will need set the network address you want to browse.
  20. RS Logix Emulate 500 instance IP and Port

    Not sure.  Possibly in the latest and greatest Emulate5k.  Earlier versions were also limited to RSLinx comms.
  21. Not sure this helps.  I use VMWare and I setup my NIC as the bridged connection and VMnet8 as a NAT for my wireless.  I use the NIC (bridged) when local to the PLC.  I use wireless (VMnet8 NAT) for remote access work. Another trick is sometimes I have to disable one or the other to get a connection.
  22. RS Logix Emulate 500 instance IP and Port

    Would that work with the Emulate 5000? The 3rd party program would be able to connect to the emulated PLC? Thanks in advance!
  23. Werking PID regeling

    Google does a pretty good job!
  24. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    HMI feature: 1. I want to upload batch of images. 2. I should be able to assign image to a button or other control by typing a name/resourceId, not just dropdown with bulk of images. Or they need to find a way how user can group them to limit access to group of images. Current implementation is annoying.
  25. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    Depends where you route the wires... hard to say. The noise, if any, will probably have no effect on operation. 4-20ma is a better choice if this is your concern but I doubt you would see any issues either way.
  26. Werking PID regeling

    Voor de Aan uit sturing kun je deze gebruiken. e-manual  viewer page: JY997D62701-5D p.s. Dit is een internationaal forum je kunt beter je vragen in het Engels stellen. Gr Gambit  
  27. That would be my preferred method :)
  28.     It's the likely guess. not sure if there is even a way around this... I may just end up using bridged and working around the difference in connection if ethernet/ip driver is needed to discover devices.   I could always just use that handy SIM IPE tool to discover them when no IP is listed too!!
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