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  2. 1734 AENTR series B

    I think it's at least partially because of our IT settings, but I've found that I have to disable all network connections other than the one I'm using. In the BootP program, you can select which network interface to use. Then I use a patch cable to connect the network adapter directly to the device. You may have to power cycle the device after it's connected.
  3. FX CPU Program Capacity Error

    Nope, thats all you have to do.
  4. 1734 AENTR series B

    Hi, So I have a problem, that BootP DHCP server doesn't find my 1734 AENTR series B and so I can't assign IP address to it. Been trying many things. Any advice? I'm new to AB and I guess it may be a really easy thing but so far I didn't find a solution. 
  5. Omron NB Software

    Seems like you've already figured it out.  You have two options: Find Windows installers for the missing fonts, or use a font already in your computer in place of the missing fonts.  (A replacement font will still need to supply the characters that the missing fonts had that the project uses.) What remaining question do you have?
  6. Omron NB Software

    I am facing the error while compiling the program , there is only 1 error , but not able to figure what is the actual error. Please suggest and support.
  7. FX CPU Program Capacity Error

    Hello FriendsI Have a FX3G CPU and I am modifyind the program to add new models.I have tried to add several rungs but an error appears:The program capacity will be exceeded.Please increase the program capacity or delete some instructions.In the Project tree I have checked the PLC Parameter and I have noticed that the Program Capacity is 4000 steps, I have exceeded this number.I have modified the Memory Capacity option to 32000 and the Program capacity changes to 20000 steps.Is it enough to continue with my program or Do I need to do something more? Do I need to change the PLC or add a memory or something else?Thanks in advance.
  8. HMI and SCADA

    Thank you sir, i will use a different address
  9. HMI and SCADA

    Okay sir, thank you. I will use a different address just in case
  10. MAC address of HMI

    thanks so much Mr.Gambit However, MAC address have 12 characters ~ 6 Words Beside, I checked GS408 don't have value (=0)  
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  12. CLC(041) Usage with MOVL(498)

    Thanks. You are probably correct that the CLC instruction was left behind. I appreciate your help.
  13. HMI and SCADA

    Theoretically....maybe. I've worked on HMI migrations where I had old and new operating side by side and it went ok...on the bench. But I wouldn't try to do so in the field. Having two devices control the same thing is generally not a good idea.
  14. HMI and SCADA

    Generally not, in my experience.
  15. HMI and SCADA

    Hello, can i use the same address for my HMI and SCADA? Example for the button in my HMI is %M8 and i use the same address for button in SCADA system?
  16. I believe you're correct
  17. What about the GetMyTaskStatus instruction be helpful for what you are trying to do? See the snip
  18. Reading a string value in excel?

    @VFD Guy you're correct the linx dde are sweet for small stuff, but MSOFT is deprecating DDE in favor of OPC so we're all going to have a learning curve eventually.
  19. MAC address of HMI

  20. MAC address of HMI

    Hello everyone, I would like check MAC address of GT25/GT27 model, But, I haven't found special address (GS) that storage it. who have any information about it, could you share for us? Thanks and best regards!  
  21. Gx Works 2 Structured Text

    You don't need to use the whole instruction. It'll work if you use it like this: TON_Inst(IN:= g_bool1 ,PT:= T#10s); And you can use multiple condition in the "IN:=" section, for example: TON_Inst(IN:= (g_bool1 AND g_bool2 AND ect...), PT:= T#10s); If you use it like this, you can refer to the operation condition of the timer in the further program lines like this: TON_Inst.Q
  22. Gx Works 2 Structured Text

    The easiest way to find an ST instruction is to use the F1 help on FBD/LAD functions. In the help you'll find program examples in multiple languages, include ST. Example in attached pic.
  23. Gx Works 2 Structured Text

    I am trying to learn to write structured text using GX Works 1.597x in my spare time . I can't find much information on how to write timers in the logic using structured text. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good descriptive manuals, or some sample code using timers. I have looked through numerous manuals and haven't found any good information on timers. I work maintenace and none of my equipment uses structured text, so I currently have no reason to learn it other than just for fun, so constantly reading manuals and learning the same information from every manual and yet not finding a single piece of information containing to timers in ST is getting really annoying and discouraging to learning the new language. Thanks in advance
  24. Reading a string value in excel?

    Maybe just me but anytime I want to pull something into excel I just use the linx dde/opc topics. Very easy to read write tags to a plc
  25. Motion Scaling Rotary

    The feedback type and ppr would also be helpful but servo part number should tell us that
  26. Modbus TCP Server

  27. CP2E Modbus TCP Server

    For modbus tcp server programme that you shared recently, it just include only IPClient 1, IPClient 2 & IPClient 3. how about the IPClient 4 ?
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