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  2. GT Designer 3: Label import error

    Borrowed a friends virtual machine, there it worked. I HAD messed a bit with windows before this happened. Cheers!
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  4. GT Designer Calculator?

    As far as i know there isn't a calculator on the GOT. Why would an operator need a calculator anyway ? If there is a special calculation needed why not build that instead ?    
  5. I am now part of a startup company based on energy optimisation of HVAC in buildings. I am assigned to have research on which SCADA system to select for HVAC energy optimisation. The model is in such a way that, we need to create a SCADA / HMI for the client's building on top of existing Building Management System (BMS) to achieve energy saving.  I am still an intern and I am requested to research on various SCADA options available in the market. I have few doubts regarding: 1. How can I select one SCADA / HMI over the other?  2.GE Cimplicity and Niagara 4 are two option which I am interested in. What is the major difference between both? (Price and functionality) 3. Is Tridium Niagara 4 a SCADA software? ( I read about it but I didn't understand as I am new to this field). Is it same like tia portal which is a software that is used to program plc and create user interface??
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  7. Omron & Balluff

    Good afternoon all, can you help me please ? , I want to configuring a plc (Cj2m omron) and bni0085 , I can do the communication between plc cj2m and master io link bni006a but i dont know how do i do the mapping for smartlight (bni0085)
  8. melsec medoc error

    AmigaB l am pleased you are now sorted. good luck Rodney
  9. melsec medoc error

    Thank you Mr Gambit Gx developer work great  When I select plc type FXU Thanks again for your time  
  10. GT Designer Calculator?

    I would like to place a calculator on the GOT for our operators to use. I looked through the library on GT Designer but did not see one. Before i make my own just thought i'd ask if anyone knows if this is hidden some where in the software or not?   Thanks!
  11. CC-Link Network Dropping Out Ideas?

    I did a stone quarry over a decade ago where I ran CC-Link cable over 600 feet tied to conveyors and overhead cable to one remote temperature input station...  It worked before I even had the terminating resistors installed.  Never lost communication.  Make sure the cables are tight and the shield is properly grounded on one end...
  12. NT631C\NTST\System Installer

    The V3 in the part number indicates a HARDWARE revision, not software.
  13. Allen Bradley makes a device specifically for this reason. 9300-ENA NAT device. I have successfully communicated Omron and AB via this type of connection.
  14. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Just an update......I have made some progress with the screen switching.  Just need to massage the PLC logic.  I will post when complete. Still open to recommendations and experience of others.
  15. Dear All,I'd like to ask whether it is possible to connect 2 PLCs (both have EtherNet/IP capability) through a router.Here is the case :- We have 3 machines each with Compact Logix AB PLC.- We need to retrieve data from each Compact Logix AB PLC, to an Omron NX PLC via EtherNet/IP Protocol- The problem is, currently each of the Compact Logix PLC has same IP addresses, since they are OEM machines installed with no integration in mind before. - The OEM & customer, doesn't allow us to change the IP address of the PLC.- The solution we could think of is to do NAT with router, the thing is we are not really sure whether EtherNet/IP could be translated by NAT.Thank you 
  16.   I have communicated Between My Personal Computer and HMI(PT) when i try to Dump the Program into the HMI (PT) it is showing other version  2 Instead of Version 3 Please help How to download and check  omron support  System Installers for  HMI(PT) Model is NT31-ST121-V2( version 3.00) system program version 3
  17. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Hello group.  I am struggling to mirror screens on a machine that will have 2 NA5 HMI's. I want to have it so the screens match no matter where the initial screen change started, For example if an operator selects a screen by way of a GoTo button, I want the other HMI to also follow to that screen. I am trying to use the _HMI_CurrentPageIndex and the _HMI_IsPageSwitching tags in each HMI. Each HMI has it's own name and IP address. I can see the registers updating in the PLC so i know that the page index is being sent to the PLC.  What I cannot get to happen is commanding the other HMI to change to a page index.   I also have logic to flag who is leading, or in other words.....who to follow. Could someone give me a suggestion or hand what I need to do. I have attached some screen shots.  One is trying with ladder logic which did not seem to work so I falsified it so i could try doing it as a sub routine that is called when the page switching is active.
  18. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    Where did you have this issue?  I literally had the same issue with the same model PLC yesterday. Program ended up being corrupted.   It even claimed that the T76 was really X5 when using Find Device.  
  19. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    Thank you Gambit! :)
  20. Tried: NTST V4.87, NTST 4.8, NT system installer V2.0 Cables: xw2z-s002 c200h-cn229-eu When I try to download a program to the PT it states that the version specified is not the same as the version in the PT. In NTST I am specifying it as a NT631C V3 (system version 3.1/4.1) under tools; PT Configuration. If I am looking in the correct place under expansion; system version; then the version in the screen is 2.1h. When I try to run the System installer, click the direct access omron driver, go it continually gives a comm error. I have been through device manager to double check comm settings, checked that the panel, on port A, is set to None. I have tried the system installer and NTST on two different laptops and received the same version mismatch with NTST and comm error with System Installer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have uploaded/downloaded from different PT's with this cable and can't find an issue.    *since this post we created a blank program designed for NT631c-V1 System ver 2.1. The NTST allowed the program to be sent to the PT. It runs.  Judging by the "model" number pictured, this should be a V3 and should have a system program of v4.0/v4.1. System installer will not allow this panels system program to be updated.   Last update: We opened "system installer mode" by pressing the top left corner and reset on the back of the PT. This allowed the NT series system installer V2.00 to send the correct 4.12 version of the Omron Direct Access program. After that we could send the application to the PT using NTST. Why it came with version 2.1H being a V3 PT.... God only knows, but this is how to replace the system program and fix the issue. Hopefully it will help someone.   
  21. From DM: Modbus Communications to External Device CJ1W-ETN21

    Can you attach the code that you have attempted?  
  22. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    It should. But maybe also some values need to be entered but the manufacturer of the machine should know.
  23. CC-Link Network Dropping Out Ideas?

    I had a similar symptom 2 years ago. We had a terminating resistor installed across DA-DG instead of the correct DA-DB.  Just one more option to check. 
  24. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    So if can get the program from the manufacturer, replace the battery with new one and load the program with GX W2 should work until the battery dies again, right?
  25. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    you'll have to reprogram the PLC. unless you have a backup of the program
  26. Problems with upgrading server?

    Most of our HMIs are PanelMates (there are also 2 PanelView 800s).  We are planning on upgrading everything to PanelView 800s as the PanelMates are no longer supported.
  27. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    Hello all, I was asked to visit a remote location facility with non working machine equipped with Fx2N-32MT PLC. No much info on the problem, but from what i know, the battery is gone and the program wont run. So i guess, that the program in ram is gone. Not much familiar with Fx2N series... No memory cassette installed under the front cover and no program backup of any form. What are my options here?   
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