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  2. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    hi, here are some thoughts: - you can read and later only download the parameter of the simple motion module without affecting   the parameters of the other intelligent function modules, therefore inside the read from plc dialog   deselect all checkboxes except for the parameter of the simple motion module. Then use the 'detail'   button on the right side to select which parameters from the simple motion module should be read or written - attention: only WRITE the Simple Motion Module Parameters if you use a (second) simple motion module.   If you only replace the cpu-module (connecting the new cpu module to the 'old' simple motion module) you   should NOT WRITE the simple motion module parameters! If you use a second simple module and write   the parameter also be sure to select the 'write to ROM' setting inside the 'details' setting, otherwise the   parameters will be lost after power off.   - you can use the 'MR Configurator' Application to get further information about the error from the   simple motion module. Also you can check if the simple motion module is properly setup.   if you have the servo settings (*.mr file) you can open it inside the mr configurator application.      
  3. PID Control Loop

    OK putting on my "Engineer's Hat" for a moment let me make some observations. 1. Assuming that Water Flow and Pressure through the HE is constant then the Delta-T you can achieve between Input and Output of the HE is going to depend on the setting of the proportional valve. 2. If you can codify the formula so that the Exit temp of the HE is between 80 and 85 then you'll heat the tank at it's fastest reasonable rate.  I say this because going over 85 you risk hot spots in the HE and calcification of the coils or plate/frame assembly.   3.  One other thing to consider on this scenario is your inflow and outflow rate of the tank.  You might improve the process by bringing the tank to 65 and once you start cleaning add cold water immediately, knowning the HE can being it up to temp as it is only a portion of what's coming out. Just some observations.
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  5. PID Control Loop

    Hello All, I have a question about heating a tank of water. Its not really Allen Bradley specific, but i am using a ControlLogix unit... Anyway, I'll attach a basic drawing of the layout. I need to heat water to 65deg using an existing heat exchange. Once it is hot, then the water is diverted to a machine for cleaning.  At the moment i am using temp sensor 1 to continue the cycle until it reaches temperature.  Meanwhile Temp sensor 2 has three levels (x<80, 80<x<85, x>85) to open the proportional valve to regulate the steam to the heat exchange at three levels. This process takes a long time, so I'm wondering if i could improve the process anywhere? Besides hardware changes.  Thankyou. Edit: Because of the layout of the sensors etc. The water at sensor 2 reaches temperature much quicker. I was using sensor 1 to ensure the entire tank was hot enough. Maybe i just need to do some trials with sensor 2 as the process variable.
  6. Hi all:   Hope somebody will help me with the below error encounter on the NA. I mapped a external device (NJ PLC) variable (which is a structure) to a NA Global variable and the structure is automatically created in the NA data type as expected. I then create a new NA global variable and defined its data type as the auto created structure. However i observe the created new NA global variable is highlighted with an error "a data type cannot be used by both mapped and unmapped variable ....." ( pls refer to the attached screen).  I have found and view on the Youtube this video :"Introduction To The NA DataTypes" (link: that clearly show the "imported" structure can be used for unmapped NA global variable even there is some variable already mapped to external device variable (starting from the 3:50minutes mark of the video). In my NA program i would need to create such unmapped variable for my logic use. Also i observe that i was unable to delete the auto created structure from the NA Data Types even after i deleted all variables that are defined with that specific structure. How can i delete such auto created structure in case i want to clear off some of those unused data types. I am using Sysmac Studio version The HMI Device created is the NA5-9W00 (version 1.11)          
  7. Take a look at DIFU. Also, in the CJ series, contact instructions can be differentiated. In classic input mode, look in the bottom left of the dialog box. gtsuport
  8. I have an old Fanuc SeriesONE PLC which will be replaced with a new Omron CJ1M The SET OUT RESET instruction is used in the Fanuc PLC program. Is there an equivalent of such instruction in CX-Programmer?
  9. so instead of Calling the file .txt in my citect setup, I name it .csv and it could work? Sounds to easy, Any other feedback? I will ofcourse try,  
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  11. Capture snapshot of I/O data for simulation

    I only need it to be a static configuration that can be manipulated manually. How do I write the XFER instruction to load the .mem file into cio like you suggested?
  12. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    i have a cpu containing the original project, and i have another spare cpu,  the main problem appears when we write the program to the new cpu the simple motion module error LED is flashing and the machine isn't working well So, i want to know an ideal and safe method to replace the cpu without affecting the setting of the intelligent function modules (Motion and temperature) especially during the (Write) process
  13. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    Better have a backup of your project if you go clearing PLC memory.
  14. Cx designer not supports test simulation with cpm2a/cpm1a

    What are you trying to do?  CX-Designer is for the NS-Series HMI, not for the PLC.  And NT-Series Support Tool is for the older NT-Series HMI.  To talk to the PLC you need to have CX-Programmer.
  15. CX-Devlopper test mode problem

    This post is almost 14 years old.  If you have a question, create a new topic.
  16. I am no CITECH Expert, but if you can get an *.txt file out often times renaming it to *.csv is all you need to do for excel to process it properly.
  17. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    i will try this  
  18. CX-Devlopper test mode problem

    Am waiting for the solution for this
  19. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    Hi, had the same problem some time ago, for me following solution worked: 1. clear plc memory 2. upload only Parameter, no program files 3. reboot plc 4. upload program   hope this will help
  20. Pls any one help me to simulate my omron HMI program with CPM 2A PLC  Means help me to communicate cx designer with CPM 2A plc Or with NT- series  support tool
  21. Automatic update NS screen time/date from PLC

    Hi, Can I request the admin/s, to kindly fix the link of this page.  The file is not available and was grayed out.  Thank you.
  22. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    yesit is the same model but i don't know where is the place to modify these default parameters  
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  24. Hi, I just want to log data or save tags in generated excel/csv log files, how do I do this? are there any guides for a dummy? I succed easilly with txt and rtf docs but not excel/csv, Any tutoriols or guides?
  25. Kinetix 3 firmware

    Sorry for attaching the wrong doc. I have too many of these things on my laptop but you clearly found the correct manual and page. I think the solid green on the top-center diamond means the 1203 has power and is transmitting or had transmitted data. Green flashing means on, but no data transferred. Either way, green is good.  I've never seen a 1203 go bad from changing the settings. If you've pooched the settings and it's decided to stop cooperating, try this: unplug it delete the driver from RSLinx and shut RSLinx completely down. You may have to use RSLinx Classic Launch Control Panel go to your laptop Device Manager, Ports & Comms and make sure the device is gone then re-create the driver in Linx and start over When the 1203 is connected to and communicating with the drive, it should look like the picture at the top of page 3-5. The "workstation" is your laptop. The "AB/DPI" is your 1203/drive; it doesn't show up as an actual drive the way it would with an RSLinx EtherNet connection. Once you have that you should be able to get online with the drive with CCW, so long as you have a Kinetix drive installed in CCW with V2.0. From there, you should be able to flash up to the higher FW. "Should". 
  26. Gx Configurator Dp and creating new Dp2 file

    By default the master adres is 00. You can change this but can check via bfm G2257 extended mode doesn't exist anymore that was just in the A(nS)-series.  The Q series is always in extended (244 byte) mode.  
  27. Can't comm Plc and hmi

    Many Thanks IO_RACK, Solved.. i have followed your advice but led indicator blinking (CP1W-CIF01) very slow and i try to switch off dip switch front panel for SERIAL 1 (SW4) or SERIAL 2 (SW5)...yeayy got work
  28. Kinetix 3 firmware

    That manual's for an ethernet adapter. I assume you meant drives-um001_-en-p.pdf If so, that's exactly the setup I've got on the PC end.   I may now have destroyed the 1203-usb though. The documentation doesn't say what mode the 1203 should be in for the Kinetix 3, I previously found that only RTU Master appeared to work (flashing green diamond), but I decided to try the other options again in case I got a better result in another mode. Having tried a couple of different modes, latterly RTU Passthrough, the 1203 seems to have given up. When it powers up I get a flashing red diamond for a few seconds, then a solid green. It no longer responds on the serial terminal. I wouldn't have thought selecting the wrong protocol could cause physical damage, but it looks like it's dead now. An expensive mistake, unless anyone has any suggestions on how to recover the 1203? Maybe it was already on its way out, and that's why it wasn't letting me connect in the first place.
  29. Testing servo motors/ drives.

    It won't be cheap but your local AB Distributor should be able to get you information on several Rockwell Automation classes dealing with Servo Drives, Motors and troubleshooting.  If you're going to be working in depth with Rockwell Product they are worth the penny to attend.
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