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  2. SINUMERIK 840D NCU BOX software? I hope this link works siemens part number: 6FC5247-0AA00-0AA2
  3. SINUMERIK 840D NCU BOX software?

    First, in order for anyone to help, we need the part number(s) of what you have, and if there is an NCU version printed on your NCU BOX, to either write it, or even better, take a picture of it.
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  5. Hello I would like to make a backup from the parameters/program of SINUMERIK 840D NCU BOX, but I have never done it before. Can someone tell me which software to use for it? Since there have been already 2 cases in past year were the NCU memory has been wiped without a reason.

    Thank you for your answer. 
  7. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    Sorry but I do not know what a embedded ethernet adapter or a comm adapter is.  So if I have understood you guys correctly, I cannot use a Stratix 2500 to assign an IP to a PowerFlex 525?
  8. GX Works 2 Analogue

    Good morning I trust you are doing well Below is a link for GOT training videos and a manual you can download. Part 3 covers the GOT You can also go to the link below for some additional training  
  9. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    The Built-in port on the Powerflex 525 does not work with Statix2500. As far as the "special device" to do it, have a look at the PLC Tools SIM-IPE IP Explorer. Here are some application examples of it being used on a Powerflex 525.  
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  11. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    Are you using the embedded Ethernet Adapter? Or a COMM adapter? If using a BootP server, you need to have C-128 set to a 2. Remember to power cycle after you change the parameter.  
  12. I'm using simple function block, one input and one output, like in this example: Problem I have is how to call function block and use inverted (NOT) value , ie instead 5.01 I need to use NOT (5.01) . Of course I could create new symbols that are inverted values of actual inputs but i'm trying to avoid that, number of addresses is significant.
  13. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    I replaced an old cmq1 PLC omron with another used. I've uploaded the swp syswin file with success. Now I've a problem: I didn't save the old area data in a ddm file. Someone could help me to generate area data by swp file. Best regards.

    HELLO I'm looking for the pinout of the db9 Messung Smartline senior ex HMI programming cable. Can you help?

  15. "Smart Line"

      Hi, I'm looking for the pinout of the db9 Messung Smartline senior ex HMI programming cable. I am grateful for help
  16. GX Works 2 Analogue

    Thanks. This has helped a lot. Just have to figure out the GOT programming now.
  17. PLC Simulator Online

    Wow that sounds great.  What time frame are you expecting for all of these stages? How are you making your money if you are offering this for free? Would you mind me promoting this free programming tool once you have it further developed? Thanks, Garry  
  18. PLC Simulator Online

    Garry, Thanks for your comment!  This is oour project road map: In progress Timer Counter Math instructions and Number variable Comparators Positive and Negative edges for Contacts Latching and Unlatching Coils Stage 3 - Next priority Undo, redo Saving ladder diagrams Sharing diagrams Drag and Drop for desktop browsers Stage 4  Import/export logic in XML files Projects with multiple diagrams
  19. Panasonic servo drive

    HiI have a Panasonic Minas A5 servo drive trying to test in free run a Panasonic A6 servo motor, But as there is a mismatch between the motor and the drive, error 95.0 appears, which declares "motor automatic recognition protection". I'm looking for eliminating this error. (saying that cause in other brands like Yaskawa or some mitsubishi drives this error, known as combination error, can be cleared). I think maybe by changing some parameters this error can be cleared.Any idia?Regards
  20. PLC Simulator Online

    Hi Mag, Your plc simulator looks good so far. What are your plans for additional instructions? How about your plans for rung comments? Will you be able to save your logic?  I have been using PLC Fiddle. Good work so far. Thank you, Garry
  21. sinwave signal conversion with analog input

    Good day Sir I trust you are doing well The analog module you are using cannot work with sinewave signals. The module is rated -10VDC to 10VDC Please see attached manual for the module 12433.pdf
  22. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    Good day You will have to save the Program on your local machine.
  23. 1S Encoder Cable Seals

    Thanks for that. Ill try and source the connector
  24. Hi everybody; could you please help me;i would like to learn how to convert a sinwave signal with analog input of my R60ADV8 module.How many samples should i convert ? what is the maximum frequency of the input signal? and how to  recover the sinwave signal in the analog output of the R60DA4 module? i can convert dc signals from sensors  and recover them in the analog output;but i have no idea how to do with sinwave signals. Sincerlly yours
  25. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    Excuse me, How can i change the project to a write mode? is not possible to start the simulation for some test that i wanna do Kind regards.
  26. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    No problem Have a good day too
  27. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    Thank you very much Have a nice Day Sr
  28. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    Good morning I trust you are well Please see link below with programming samples for Modbus TCP for IQ-F and IQ-R PLC's
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