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  4. Clock Pulse in Sysmac Studio

    Cool. Thanks for the tips. That was really helpful.
  5. Clock Pulse in Sysmac Studio

    There are functions called "Get1sClk" etc that are what you use now.
  6. Hi guys, I just starting to use Sysmac Studio. Its a bit confusing as I am currently used to CJ series PLC. Usually, we can use P_1sec, P_0_2s and so on to create a simple clock pulse timer function. However, I couldn't find the command or FB to do that in Sysmac Studio. Anybody could explain on how to do that in Sysmac? Thanks 
  7. 1762-IF4 power question

    That is very helpful! thank you
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  9. Client OPC to OPC Server

    It can be done, but there are significant security concerns.  I'd recommend using a VPN to connect the two (Client - Server).
  10. B&R X20 PLC

    You many need to install the "Upgrades" for that particular bus coupler. Its also possible that an older one is not supported in that release of AS.  
  11. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    OK. So I think this is fairly simple, but I have not tested it. See the attached sample program. I am tracking the screen names for the 2 HMIs in the PLC, not in the HMIs.   Screen Mirroring Updated.smc2
  12. I have a purchased Machine that came with a Siemens LOGO 8.FSR PLC (Smart Relay). Generally we use Allen Bradley or Mitsubishi. Anyway, we need to communicate data between the LOGO and an Allen Bradley Compact Logix.  I do not desire to add an additional network to the AB but as best i can tell the LOGO is exclusively Modbus TCP/IP. Has anyone come across a similar situation?  I look online and did find an  Anybus module that claims to be able to link them together.  Looking for anyone who has faced this challenge and succeeded, or failed.   Thanks
  13. Problems with upgrading server?

    Making the jump from 2.43 to 4.12 you'll also find that 4.12 has some nice bells and whistles that 2.43 didn't.  The ability to create and backup sub-trees of drives and devices is nice -IMHO.
  14. Options for data storage

    I would urge you to use the OPC route for PLC --> Linx --> Excel and not the outmoded DDE. OPC is a little clunkier to setup the first time, but the newer later versions of Excel don't support DDE.
  15. VBA issue on FTViewSE Clients

    Just guessing here, but any chance there is a declaration in Server VBA not present in Client VBA? or a dll not registered. Just guessing.
  16. I believe the 9300-ENA is going obsolete in favor of the 1783-NATR and other Stratix NAT and routing devices. To answer your question any Industrial Grade Router and most Consumer Grade Routers should be able to do NAT. If you're at all Security conscious you'll want to Firewall the PLC and open / NAT only the ports needed for Ethernet/IP. I've used the 9300-ENA and 1783-NATR with all our OEM for the past five years.  Our machine build spec actually requires the OEM to leave a space on the DIN Rail for the NAT and a dedicated 24 VDC fuse to power it.
  17. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    I'll be on site next week, but they send me photos of the PLC and the battery was teared from the wires and missing. I assume intentionally. I am facing 100% program loss.
  18. Hi IO_Rack, thank you for the answering reply, appreciate it !  We'll surely look at the mentioned NAT device.  Just out of curiosity, will a standard off the shelf router do the job as well?
  19. STL

    Joe, I've also run into these situations. In most of them the logic aggregated into a single rung is usually intentional. This is a poor man's way of keeping logic proprietary. As you have discovered, it can be read and sorted into individual networks which can then be much easier to read and troubleshoot. The NOPs are used as placeholders, which explains why sometimes deleting them works and sometimes not. And you are correct in your final assessment that converting LAD to STL always works but not always the other way around. The rule of thumb is that output instructions used within the same statement will usually convert readily to LAD. The logic below  will convert to LAD without any re-writing: A     I0.0 A     I0.1 =     O5.0 =     O6.1 However, the logic below will not readily convert. to LAD The reason for this is that the two output instructions are not part of the same logic evaluation. A     I0.0 =     O5.0 A     I0.1 =     O6.1 Why write aggregated logic in a single network? Most of the time it is because the programmer A.) has a European programming perspective/background/training or B.) they might be computer programmers rather than PLC programmers. Just my observations. I'm sure there could be other reasons as well. I've worked with both sides of the Atlantic and have come to appreciate the contribution of each side. Another major difference I've noticed is that US programmers writing in STL tend to favor the JP (jump positive) instruction whereas the Europeans tend to like the the JN (jump negative) instruction. It took me a long time to understand the difference. Now that I do, I also tend to favor the JN instruction. But that's a discussion for another day . . . .

    Which HMI is it?  Likely the connection manual for it would show how to access controller data.  I don't think you are limited to the read and write words, i think there is messaging capability, but have never put an HMI on a field level network before, only serial and Ethernet.
  21. Data Logging

    Vinothm, you should also note the timer being used may become inaccurate over a long period of time. If you wish to have the record refreshed at exactly the same time of day then you should use the Clock function to execute the compare instruction. The CP1L has this function but you would need to purchase and install a battery.
  22. Data Logging

    Yes. My mistake. This is not a working example, just something I put together quickly. Thank you for the correction.
  23. Data Logging

    IO Rack, Shouldn't the >(320) compare value be 2440? You initialized the value to 1000 + 1440 (minutes per day)? gtsuport

    its part of long CC link chain, it would mean extra cable through line
  25. Options for data storage

    Thanks for the suggestions I appreciate it.  I'm think I will try starting off with basic "and free!" rslinx to excel setup and see if I can pull that off through our network.  If that doesn't work out I might just log daily/shift single readings with the plc for now.

    Why don't you just use the Ethernet driver instead ?  

    Hello all, kinda lazy question, but I'll rather ask, before I'll went to deep into HMI scripting. Because of a design of CC link, there are RWr and RWw Is there any simpler solution for displaying value stored in PLC, while also letting HMI operator change the value and save it to PLC, than scriting in HMI? hope it makes sense to you thank you in advance
  28. Hi. In GT Designer 3 i am using a template for motor control and status in a panel. Due to changes in control philosophy a button was added for STOP. This has been added and registered in the template. But how do I also update the objects? Should this have been done automatically if I had done it correctly? Cheers  
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