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ElctriclCncepts has sent you this email:


Hey Jay I need your help once again, several weeks ago you helped me to understand the IR registry on the Omron PLC. So now I have sought you out to help once again. I am trying to become really adeqaute with the Omron system it is one that I have kinda taken a liking to. I really don't understand some of the acronyms that are given for the registers and such as those used for the shift register. SFT-10 is said to be controlled by three executed conditions, I, P, and R. What are these and in what sequence are they used. I'v read it and I still don't understand it. Recently a friend of mine from Polland ( He's an Electrical Engineer ) Helped me to finish out a project for South Africa. The unit we were using was the DL-06 from Direct Logics. He then tried to explain the shift register but his English is not so great but from what I gathered he say's it is childs play. I would appreciate if you can simplify this for me Jay. Also if you don't mind I would like to ask more Q's in the future on Moves, Jumps and Sub-routines for the Omron cpu's. Once again Jay thanks from John in Chicago.

Thank you for your inquiry. I am ready to answer your questions about Omron hardware and programming. But just think how many times I would have to answer email from not only you but the rest of the forum members if you wanted a personal answer. So please ask all questions and put them in a post so others can also benefit.

Today's answer about SFT(10) comes from A PLC Guide Revision Three written by Elaine Anthony Bowden. Elaine is a veteran of hundreds of training hours dedicated to Omron programmers like you.

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Jay in Dallas

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Thanks a lot for the help. :shrug:

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Is it possible to get more info about "A PLC Guide Revision Three written by Elaine Anthony Bowden"? It seems to be so well done.
I made a "google" search, but I just found her first child born news..(my best wishises to 'em). :wooted:


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