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I am working with an LS Master-K120 PLC.
I have managed to write a simple program and download it to the PLC.
This was done using RS-232 and COM1.

Now I am trying to connect using an OPC server. I happen to be using KepServer.
Following the PLC manual's instructions, I modified my serial cable and configured my parameters.
Then I added the device using KepServer, but could not connect.

I found a small application at the PLC manufacturer website called the Cnet frame editor.
I also failed to connect with this application. Only timeout errors.

I've checked and double checked my basic parameters (station number, baud rate, parity, data/stop bits). I've sent my question multiple times here (, but LS has not responded.

If I can figure out how to connect to the PLC using Cnet Frame Editor, I can move on. Until then I'm stuck.
I'm really banging my head. I hope someone here has worked with this PLC.

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I am playing with this card G6L-CUEB at the present and looked at the frame editor.

When the switch is set to 3 and the defaults are used the card outputs:

02 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F 50 03
02 50 4F 4E 4D 4C 4B 4A 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 03

over and over.

So, the default serial settings are 38400, 8N1.

It appears you can construct frames and send/receive to the card.

Doubling clicking on a frame brings up the editor.

The frames can be saved and loaded. I have not been able to find any pre-created frames.

I am adding support for the Master-K protocol to PeakHMI. I was unaware that Kepware supported Master-K. It is not listed on their website.

More investigations.


Good luck,


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Please check the program in the link below:

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