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Mitsubishi FXos & MTA-10 download PC to Beijer MTA-10 cable Rate Topic: -----


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I just got my hands on a little MTA-10 Operator Interface...
I have the cable for connection for between it and the FXos PLC. The software to make config file but don't have a cable to connect to PC for download
It needs 5 vdc for power up which is supplied thru the cable also. Manual calls for a special cable SC06N.
Anybody know how I can make one?
Or point me to a site w/ info?

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I never used MTA-10, but my records show that you will need SC-06N.
This is the only adapter cable that uses external power supply.
SC-06N converts RS232 on PC side to RS 422 usesd for HMI.
If MTA-10 uses 8 pin Mini Din connector for PC connection, you also will need FX-20P-CAB - this is just a passive cable.
If software is Windows based, you may have a luck with modified USB-FX cable: it is possible to take 5V from USB port.
Cable sold on this site uses USB power for USB side and PLC power for RS422 side.
Again, I can't verify this, because I have no MTA display.

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