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I am in the process of making our Kinetix 6000 run using a MAPC instruction.  I know that the master controls the slave and I want to set it up to where my encoder is the master. Motion is new to me and I'm not sure exactly how to do this and I need to make some headway soon and don't have a lot of time for trial runs. 

The line I'm putting this on runs a material that is between plastic and rubber. (It's actually separators that go in batteries) Our chop lengths change based on the profile we are running and when we run long chop lengths the material will bunch up on the chopper blade because it runs at a constant speed based off of line speed, length of chop, roll diameter and encoder counts.

If I understand this MAPC instruction right it should allow the blade to speed up and slow (hence camming through the material)

Any feedback would be very much appreciated!

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