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driver comm error on Eseries HMI

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we have an issue on an old system which the operators keep complaining about. ive done as much as i can without spending any money, and no money is available.

we have an A series PLC A1SJ71UC24 talking to an E1060 HMI via serial.

the E1060 then connects via an ethernet switch to 3 other E1060 HMIs via the BDTP protocol.

in general it works ok, it is slow, but usable for the speed of the process.

we do get intermittent issues with communications with the HMis on the BDTP side of things which we cant seem to solve! operators keep moaning about it freezing etc, but i am at a loss as to what to do?


does anyone have any ideas that cost next to nothing to implement? im out of ideas!

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