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Analog Calibration M200

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Dear All,

 I'm new to programming with Schneider. I've a Logic Controller TM200CE40R and software SoMAchine Basic V1.4 EL, now I'll have to calibrate an input signal from a pressure sensor signal of (0---->20mA), how could I do that. Also, I'll give an output signal (0----> 10V) to a Speed drive.


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You want take input 0->20 mA I have output 0->10V Am I correcting undestand you?

It is not possible, because your controller don't have analog input and analog output. I see want way to buy TMCR2AI2 cartrige and speed drive control with modbus if speed drive support modbus

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Sorry Saruans, I may made the post confusing. Now the process I'm working on is :

1- I've a Schneider CPU TM200CE40R + TM3AM6 analog IO module.

2- I've a pressure sensor that will guide a pump controlled by a speed drive.

3- the pressure sensor signal to PLC is 4-20mA.

4- The PLC output signal to the Speed rive is 0-10V DC.

I think now the process is clear that I'll get the signal from the pressure sensor calibrating it in the PLC and giving an output analog signal to the speed drive.


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