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siemens mp277 hmi blank screen

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i have mp 277 8"  hmi  
the hmi can't open the windows and it become white screen and stick on loader , so i want  install the os for it
so my question here how can i install os for my hmi ?
i tried to install os with prosave and wincc program but iam failed

because i can't talk to my hmi via ethernet or profibus .

someone advice me to make it using usb flash but i don't have exact process to do that.

so how can i install os for my hmi that doesn't exist any os on it ? 

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Try looking at this link:


Go to the bottom document called "Operating System Update" and "Reset to Factory Settings" with ProSave (Stand alone)"

If the procedure to do "Reset to factory settings" does not work with Ethernet, you may have to try with a USB/PPI cable, but there is no guarantee of success because your HMI might be defective.

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