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NA HMI DataEdit of array variable

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I am programming an NA5 with Sysmac studio. I would like to have a column of DataEdit boxes whose variable is an array and the array indices is a local variable, PLC_Tool(ToolTableIndex).Diameter. Below that PLC_Tool(ToolTableIndex+1).Diameter. I tested this out using data display and it worked well. However, the DataEdit control does not seem to allow me to use a variable as an indices. I can't seem to write to DataEdit.Expression in code either.

I am making a tool table that contains a number of tool parameters that I would like to be able to edit. I am setting up to use 50 tools. I was hoping to find a nice grid control to display and edit these tools but it looks like I have to make my own table and have a means to scroll up and down. I though that was disappointing until now that I can't even do that.

I was considering using NA recipes to display this but the PLC is commanding what tool to be used. I would have to have a means for the PLC(NX-102) to select the recipe/tool.

Any thoughts on this?

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