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RedLion CR300010 Raw TCP/IP Communication

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Hi All,

Recently, we have upgraded G3 RedLion HMI to CR300010 and migrated the G3 database crimson 2.0 to Crimson 3.1

Currently I am testing CR300010 and I am facing an issue with communicating CR300010 with the third party through RAW TCP/IP 

I have two ports one set as Raw TCP/IP Active and the second one set to RAW TCP/IP Passive please see the attachment

Currently, the HMI Received data fine from the third-part ( server Pc) however, when trying to send message to the third party, the third-party doesn't seem it receive anything.

The same program works fine with G3 HMI. 

Are there any differences between portprint() command in crimson 2.0 and crimson 3.1?

Can someone guide me through how can I confirm that both systems are communicating? how can I investigate this issue further?.

I could ping the IP address for both systems from my pc which is connecting to the same network switch. 

Appreciate your support in advance






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