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ZW Ong

Kinetix 5500 Z axis motor randomly drop down while servo on

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Hi Guys,

Currently I'm facing issue which i got 2 pair of dual Z-Axis motor using Master & Slave, but 1 of the Slave having issue with drop down issue while it is Servo On and let it idle without moving it for minutes. (It happens randomly between 3-10 minutes, sometimes happen when Reset machine after power cycle. When I running repeating absolute MAM back and forth, this issue stop happening until I stop it again.) The fault code on Driver showing Excessive velocity error, but I already set my error tolerance to 1000 yet this issue is persist. I've run out of idea of how to verify this issue and I will be very much appreciated if there is any helpful idea could be bring up.

- There are loud roaring noise in random interval on that axis motor.

- I'm using the same tuning parameter as other machine. This is repeat build, the other machine is running well.

- Tested separate Encoder cable from other cable (worry that there is noise)

- Tested with other motor.

- Tested with other driver.

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