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Hi Friends.

I need some Help with Positioning. I'm using the FX5U PLC and the FX5-40SSC "Simple" Motion Controller with Servo MR-JE-20B and Servo Motor HG-KN23K which is controlling a Linear Guide.

The JOG Modus is Working, Home Position is Working too, but I cant Programm a Position where the Motor have to Drive. I hope someone can Help.

Part of My Program looks like:





IF FX5SSC_1.stSysMntr2_D.bReady_D THEN


IF M_Ax2_Error_Reset THEN
    MOV( bEnable OR PLC_1st_scan , K0 , K4M700 );
    M_FX5SSC_OperateError_Ax2 (i_bEN:= TRUE ,i_stModule:= FX5SSC_1 ,i_uAxis:= 2    ,i_bErrReset:= M_Ax2_Error_Reset ,o_bModuleErr=> bEnable ,o_uModuleErrId=> D_Ax2_Operate_Error);

IF P_Achse_HomeDrive THEN
    M_FX5SSC_StartPositioning_Ax2(i_bEN:= P_Achse_HomeDrive ,i_stModule:= FX5SSC_1 ,i_uAxis:= 2 ,i_uStartNo:= 9001 ,
    o_bOK=> bEnable1 ,o_bErr=> bEnable2);
    RST( bEnable1 OR bEnable2 , P_Achse_HomeDrive );

    RST( TRUE , Referenzfahrt_TP_Ein_Aus ); 
    RST( TRUE , Fehleranzeige_P_Achse_nicht_Ref );

SpeicherP1:= REAL_TO_INT (Startposition_TP_P_Achse);

M_FX5SSC_SetPositioningData_Ax2(i_bEN:= Beginne_FahrtP ,i_stModule:= FX5SSC_1 ,i_uAxis:= 2 ,i_uDataNo:= 1);
M_FX5SSC_StartPositioning_Ax2(i_bEN:= Beginne_FahrtP ,i_stModule:= FX5SSC_1 ,i_uAxis:= 2 ,i_uStartNo:= 1); 
M_FX5SSC_ChangeSpeed_Ax2(i_bEN:= Beginne_FahrtP ,i_stModule:= FX5SSC_1 ,i_uAxis:= 2 ,i_udSpeedChangeValue:= 100);
M_FX5SSC_ChangePosition_Ax2(i_bEN:= Beginne_FahrtP ,i_stModule:= FX5SSC_1 ,i_uAxis:= 2 ,i_dTargetNewPosition:= REAL_TO_DINT(Startposition_TP_P_Achse) ,i_udTargetNewSpeed:= INT_TO_DWORD(Fahrgeschwindigkeit_TP_P_Achse)); 
IF StartPAxis THEN

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What do yo mean exactly when you say you can't program a position ? You can't define a position or drive to a position ?

When it doesn't wotk do you get an error ?

If you are more familiar with PLC OPEN there are FB's available. 

p.s. I saw this piece of code :    MOV( bEnable OR PLC_1st_scan , K0 , K4M700 );

You should try not to use hard addressing and replace the K4M700 with an array instead 


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Thanks Gambit, I started to use the FB s from Mitsubishi, I'm not so Familar with the MC FB, I found out how i can send my Axis to the Position, my problem is, i cant do it again. I have to restart the PLC to drive it once time to this position.

DMOV( TRUE , INT_TO_DINT(Sollgeschwindigkeit_TP_P_Achse) , U1\G7104 );        //Startposition Geschwindigkeit
DMOV( TRUE , INT_TO_DINT(Sollgeschwindigkeit_TP_P_Achse) , U1\G7114 );        //Endposition Geschwindigkeit
DMOV( TRUE , INT_TO_DINT(Sollgeschwindigkeit_TP_P_Achse) , U1\G7084 );        //Parkposition Geschwindigkeit
DMOV( TRUE , REAL_TO_DINT(Parkposition_TP_P_Achse /1.3103) , U1\G7086 );
DMOV( TRUE , REAL_TO_DINT(Startposition_TP_P_Achse/1.3103) , U1\G7106 );
DMOV( TRUE , REAL_TO_DINT(Endposition_TP_P_Achse/1.3103) , U1\G7116 );

M_FX5SSC_StartPositioning_Ax2(i_bEN:= Schweissen_ein OR Taster_Schweissen_Ein AND P_Achse_Referenziert ,i_stModule:= FX5SSC_1 ,i_uAxis:= 2 ,i_uStartNo:= 11 ,o_bOK=> StartPosition_OK ); 



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Should be an issue with your enable. Why not change to a some bt which isn't in your program. and try if that works.
(i_bEN:= Schweissen_ein OR Taster_Schweissen_Ein AND P_Achse_Referenziert  )

If it doesn't do you get an error at the second attempt ?

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OK it Works, it was a Bit by Initializing :) How can i set a 3rd Position like a "Parkposition" in my List? Its only a Position, which my Axis drives after Start to there and if its done with the Oscillation between Start and Endposition (List Pos. 11 and 12) it drives again to my Parkposition.

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Just set Positioning data #12 as CONT.

Set Positioning data #13 as END, ABS and positioning address for parking the Axis.

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