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Connections from PLC/HMI to a PCB

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My current system involves a PLC (FX3S) connected to an HMI (GS21**) (via mini-DIN and RS-422) and this is working.  I'm going to add a barcode reader to the RS-232 port.  I've been using the mini-USB to load the programs to the HMI and PLC.

I need to also send signals between my system and USB on a PCB (which is then connected to other devices).  Should I be doing this via an HMI with a USB Host?  My HMI only has a mini-USB, so should I buy another HMI (with USB host) or can I use some kind of adapter?

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PLCs and HMIs are not really meant to talk to PCBs.  Do you know what protocols you can use on the PCB?  The USB ports are for connection to the programming software, not for communication.

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