Connecting to E1000 HMI's with cat5 ethernet cable

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It's not really a problem - but more of a moan.

I had an E1061 on site that would not talk to me through the normal CAB 30 cable.

It was set to talk to another E terminal on that port and wouldn't accept my connection. 


So I made a ethernet crossover cable and all I got was connection failed..

Much searching and testing and reading later... still no joy.

All it said in the help files was set to TCP and use a crossover cable or hub and normal cable.

Then hours later, in an obscure chapter, there it was.

Start a new network connection on your laptop - instead of get IP automatically, set it manually to the same network numbers as the HMI

Blinking heck, it connected.

I would have thought that would have been one of the first things to mention in the manual.


Moan over. This is in case anyone comes here with the same problem.





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Not really as de HMI aren't DHCP servers. If they would be you would get all kinds of trouble as you then could have two of them in your network.
So if you haven't setup the HMI with an address for your network. or your not connected to your own network you'll have to setup an ip adres in the same range as your HMI.

If you can I would switch it over to a GOT.The program can be converted for the large part and the GOT has a USB connection for easy access.





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Thanks gambit

I was only wanting to do a few alterations and it wouldnt let me in with any cable


It's a stand alone unit not on any network. (apart from it is a duplicate and connected to another HMI by RS232 at the other end of the plant)

I wanted to upload the program, change some things and download the updated program.

An hours job maybe.... took me all day to get in. lol


And it's not my call to upgrade it to a GOT. They are happy with the robust HMI's they have.

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