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Hi all,

Have an question about adressing inputs of I/O expansion modules.
Is there any diffrence in adressing for digital IO and analog IO and there position in line?

For example:
I have an FX3U-16MR-ES with three expansion modules:
Module 1: FX2N-8EX-ES   (8x DI)
Module 2: FX2N-8EX-ES   (8x DI)
Module 3: FX2N-4AD       (4x AI)

What is the right adressing for the inputs of these three modules? And what if the order is different, so analog module is first, and then the two digital modules?

Who can give me some advice?

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digital I/Os dont care about position, it will always go 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11 ... 97,100,101

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