Panel View 800 Password Problems

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I have a Panel View 800 HMI communicating with a Micrologix 1100 over Ethernet.

My customer wanted password protection for certain screens and certain people.  I set up three users with passwords.  I did not put in a Change Password object because I did not want anyone to mess with it.

They called this morning to say that their passwords did not work anymore.  Anyone have any experience with this?  They put in their username and password and a screen pops up that says access denied.  Works one day then does not work the next.

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I don't have any experience with Micro 800s, but I know the Siemens HMIs (MP177/277s) have an option that's enabled by default to disable logging in if the user types in the wrong password too many times. By default it's 3 times and they don't have to be consecutive. To reset, you have to download the project to the HMI. Could the Micro 800 have something like that?


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