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No Alarm name in HISTORY ALRM panel for Magelis XBT-N400

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In Vijeo-Designer Lite, i configured a dialog table to exchange data between the PLC (ScadaPack 32) and the operator interface (XBT-N400). I added the alarm table function in this dialog table. 

The alarm name and the alarm panels has the same name. Th  Log element in the Alarm Settings tab is enable. I included a static text on the alarm panel for each alarm.  It was necessary to add this static text on the alarm panel because without it, even the live alarms were showing up without any names or description.

When an alarm is generated, the live alarm shows the static text but the historical alarm in the alarm history panel (HISTORY ALRM) does not show the alarm name or the static text.

Attached is the configuration file.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.





Screenshots of configuration.docx

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