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Hi Guys!

I am seeking ideas and help on how to come out with a function for the roles below with CX-Programmer. It is for my FYP and i am out of ideas on which function to use on it. Any help is greatly appreciate please!!

So here is the thing,

Imagine now i have 16 items (squares) on top of a plate, each of them will be inspected by some sort of detection (maybe i will put a camera on it later), and the detection method will give us either a Pass or Fail signal to our PLC. 

There will be two axis of Motor X & Y that controlling the movement of the plate and a camera for checking purpose will be permanently hold on position Box 1.

The Motor X will then move from Box 1 to Box 2 and the camera will check the Box 2, and this will be repeated until Box 16.

Now here comes the part that i had no idea how to link up or continue:

Now with the same Motor X & Y, i am adding a cylinder to reject the FAIL box. How can i program the PLC such in a way that if the box is failed, the PLC will remember my Motor X and Y position so that it will auto move to that position after all 16 Boxes has been checked and ready for the cylinder to reject the FAIL box?

Any input is appreciated please guys!

Capture Motor Movement.PNG

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Simple....just teach all 16 points.  Then during your inspection remember the X/Y position of the failed product.

Would this work for your project?

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