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Can anyone pl share the pinouts of Proface HMI communication cable - GPW-CB02 or GPW-CB02 ??

I want to communicate the laptop with old series Proface HMI which is obsolete.

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Not sure if this helps, I GTS (Googled That Stuff) and found an ST Series User Manual that has the pinout ofr a Toll Connector Loop Back, in otherwords, a plug to make sure the unit is communicating properly..


Pin 1 - CD, Pin 2 - RD, Pin 3 - SD, Pin 4 - ER, Pin 7 - RS and Pin 8 - CS.  Where Pin 1 and 4 are connected together, Pin 2 and 3 are connected together, Pin 7 and 8 are connected together.

Still don't know what the other end of the GPW-CB02 looks like or it's pinout.


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