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Hi! I could really need some help for setting up modbus communication. The plc is a CJ2M-CPU31, with a CJ1W-DRM21 unit. And i would like to connect and control a V1000 drive.

I'm new to this so i'm going to continue to read up, but i could need a few tips and hints.

I see some are using CX-Protocol, and some are using CX-Integrator. Why? Is it different methods to set up the communication protocoll with the drive?

Is there a specific coil that is used to send the bit string from plc to the drive? I see some are using PMCR. Could TXD be used?

Tips and tricks for where to start is much appreciated.


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DRM21 is Device Net. CX-Protocol is used with SCU21/31/41.

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