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I'm executing the EGATR(721) instruction for a "Get Attribute Single" operation. It's working but I have some questions about controlling it.

In the screen shot below, I set up two counters monitoring the same bit (A202.00) in separate locations in the program. According to the manual, this bit turns ON when the logical port is ready then turns OFF when the communication instruction has completed. D500 is incrementing while D502 is not. I can't believe the instruction is completing that quickly. Why is the flag not triggered there?

I want to execute the messages as fast as possible and monitor them so I may execute other messages without overlapping. I understand that I can use different ports and execute them simultaneously, but I need more instructions than I have ports.

I have found very few examples (general conventions) for using explicit messages in the CJ2. The ones I have found look like the manual. Does anyone here have experience controlling the Explicit Message execution?


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It may be helpful to show what I would like to do. The first time the logical port is available (Enabled), the message is executed. The NEXT time the logical port becomes available, I know the read has completed. I don't know why this doesn't work. W1.03 never turns ON.

Additional info:  This is in a CJ2M-CPU33 using the built in Ethernet port. I sending messages to a Schneider MDrive LMDCE421C.


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