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I have a question about factorytalk view trend & data log.

2 weeks ago, Data log modem power was failed so HMI control signal wasn't working.

So I recover the power and reboot the plc and download new project file on Rslogix5000.

After that, HMI control signal was working but trend wasn't display(We use live data when display trend)

and 1 data log file was not saved.(We have 3 data log file)

In this situation, what can I solve this problem?

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It's been a couple years since I've run into this issue. The easiest thing to try is stopping, then restarting the datalogs. I think the commands for these are DataLogOn and DataLogOff if I remember correctly. I also remember having to delete the datalogs and create new ones because they got corrupt. Sorry I can't remember any more details. Hope this helps.

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