How to connect sensor and solenoid valve to LED terminal block and to PLC i/o

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Hi I am using mitsubishi QX42 (input) and QY42P (output). However I am using phoenix contact LED DIKD 1.5LA 24RD/O_M termnal blocks.

How can i connect my input sensors to the LED terminal block and to my QX42 input. And how to connect my output from QY42P to the LED terminal blocks then to my solenoid control valve.

So that whenever the input or output is turn on, the LED terminal will light up. Appreciate any expert here can provide me a sketch or wiring diagram. Many thanks for your help.


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You will need to wire your inputs to the anode and cathode terminals on your LEDs.

Polarity is obviously very important, you will also need a resistor in series if it is not already built into the module.

And your supply voltages to and from your input/ output cards needs to be DC Current.




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Posted (edited)

Hi Bryan,

The link below gives you more info about the DIKD LED terminals (manual) the terminal has 3 stages. Bottom is +24Vdc, Middle terminal is - 24Vdc and top terminal is the switching input from the sensor to the PLC input. See the picture in the manual, the sensor is at the left hand side and the PLC input is at the right hand side.

Best regards,

Theo V.


PH DIKD LED PLC input_1.jpg

Edited by Theo V
drawing attached

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Hi Daniel , Theo V,

Thank you very much for your reply.

The diagram is indeed helpful.

I have found another diagram, seems confused to me. Appreciate you could help too.

Many thanks!

with regards,


LED terminal diagram.jpg

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